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I love men's feet and I have a particular kink where I like seeing them in places outside of a sexual situation, you know, like in elevators, the grocery store, at the coffee shop and just walking down the street. Chicago Footage really hones in on the male foot niche by featuring pictures and videos of guys showing off their feet, as well as video of guys driving in their cars - talk about a niche within a niche. So let's head inside and I'll tell you all about this one.

Chicago Footage has gone through a metamorphosis since our last visit. It is now a male foot network featuring three sites, with all the content being shot by a single foot-loving camera man. The models are mostly everyday, regular guys, from average to very cute, with body types varying from slender to athletic plus a few who are pretty muscular. The guys are in their twenties and thirties, some with hairy calves and feet, others with fairly smooth feet. In addition to the amateurs, there are a few porn performers, as well. The sites in the network are all about guys - some straight, some gay and some bisexual - showing off their feet in various locations, and - in one site - while driving cars.

Before we go further, I have to say that there's no nudity or sex of any kind on Chicago Footage. Two of the sites - Chi Guy's Feet and Chi Soles Exposed focus on a wide variety of men starting off wearing shoes or flip flops. Many of the guys wear athletic shoes in various states of wear, with athletic socks, but some wear business shoes and either sheer dark socks or dark socks with gold toes. The guys show off their feet in shoes, then strip them off and pose their socked feet. And finally comes the barefoot portion, where we get to see those male feet, sometimes dirty or sweaty, sometimes clean and well-groomed.

There are 163 exclusive videos inside Chicago Footage; Chi Soles Exposed offers 50 vids of guys showing off their feet and adds a new video weekly while Chi Guy's Footwork offers 113 exclusive videos of guys driving cars but I don't believe this site updates. Both Chi Guy's Footwork and Chi Soles Exposed offers most of their videos in MP4 format (three vids are QuickTimes and one is a WMV), the downloadable versions sized at 1280x720 at good amateur quality. Streaming versions on Chi Soles Exposed are offered in a pop-up player sized at 800x451 but the newer streaming vids on Chi Guy's Footwork are tiny but can be enlarged to full-screen. Newer mobiles should be able to play the videos just fine.

Chi Guy's Feet features 151 exclusive photo sets and adds a new picture set once a week. The pictures are sharp, clear and most are well-lit. They show off the men's feet, in shoes, socks and bare, displaying those soles and toes to perfection. The photos are sized at 673x1085 or 690x1228, and while there are no slideshows or zip files, you can download individual pics that you want to save for later. There are from 50 to over 140 pictures per set.

While the videos aren't dated and there's no listed schedule, the six most recent updates are shown on the Chicago Footage tour along with dates, confirming that one video and one picture set are added weekly. Chi Guy tells me that he's got another site on the way, which will not only add more content to the network but one more weekly update. And while the individual videos and picture sets don't have descriptions, each site has it's own model index complete with a profile of each guy and links to his content. I would have liked a central model index for all the guys in the network, but this isn't bad, and we do get to learn a little about each of the guys plus can search by model rather than by date order.

I didn't run into any real issues here. The monthly membership is very reasonable, and if the tour isn't streamlined and modern, it does give a very good idea of what to expect. There are some changes I'd like to see - if each video had its own page, there could be a description of each scene plus a smaller download for older mobile phones. I'd also like to see a streaming player inside Chi Guy's Footwork the same size as Chi Soles Exposed, but at least the videos look decent when enlarged to full screen.

Chicago Footage delivers exactly what the tour offers - a variety of guys in shoes, socks and barefoot showing off their feet. The camera catches those feet in detail, so if solo male foot content is what you're looking for, you'll find it here. There are three sites in the network offering 163 videos and 151 picture sets, with a new video and pic set added every week, and a forth site is on the way. I like Chicago Footage, and if what you're looking for is solo guys from cute average amateurs to well-built and athletic men showing off their feet - plus the videos of the guys driving with one cam on their feet - I recommend you visit Chicago Footage and see what you think.

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