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Chi Guy's Feet features a mix of guys, mostly amateurs as well as a few adult performers like Joey D and Johnny V, who have never showed off their feet on camera before. There's plenty of variety; you'll find lots of attractive average guys as well as a few muscle hunks, twinks, athletes, and slender, stylish types, and there's a mix of gay, bi, and straight guys showing off their feet. Many of the performers here are clean-cut all-American dudes who just happen to be showing off their feet (some hairy, others smooth) on camera, but there are guys with tattoos - a couple with lots of tats - as well as a mix of clean-shaven men and others who have some sexy face scruff. The guys are in their twenties and thirties, and while most are white or black, there are a couple Latino and Asian guys.

This site is all about drooling over all sorts of male feet in shoes, in socks, and totally bare. The guys often stay dressed, although some go shirtless and others may be wearing workout shorts, so we do sometimes see some skin. But the centerpiece of each photo session are those feet, often so we can see the underneath of the soles and toes, but for those who are into guys wearing their socks, you'll find some in athletic socks, a few in dress socks and often these are the socks they wore to the shoots, which means dirty and sometimes sweaty socks and feet.

Let's talk about some of the models here. Joe is a masculine guy; he's clean cut, straight and sports size 12 feet. Jason is bearded, slender, black and sexy whether he's wearing his flip flops, athletic shoes or bare feet. Brad has a slim body and boyish, twink look with just a little hair on his toes. Kory says he's straight and a stripper, and he's got a masculine, muscular and beefy look, dark hair, is heavily inked and his feet are size 12. And there are guys who are more alternative, like Master J with his Mohawk, slight build and punky attitude - he flips off the camera, and has no issues playing with his dirty toes.

Chi Guy's Feet focus on foot pictures rather than videos. There are 151 pic sets (a new one is added once a week) from 49 different models, as most of the guys return to do more than one shoot or do multiple shoots on the same day. The photos are digital stills sized at 673x1085 (or vise versa) to 690x1228 (again, or vise versa), and they're good amateur quality or better, sharp and clear. The vertical pics may be displayed smaller to fit your browser, but it's easy enough to enlarge them to full size, and if you download the pictures individually, that larger size is what you'll get. The galleries don't have downloadable zip files or screencaps, but you can navigate from pic to pic. Most sets have from 50 to well over 100 pictures that really show off those feet.

While Chi Guy's Feet doesn't have any videos, don't panic - members get access to a couple more sites in the Chicago Footage Network, and they DO have videos that can be downloaded or streamed. First is Chi Soles Exposed with 50 exclusive videos of amateurs like the guys inside Chi Guy's Feet (there could be some of the same guys). And there's Chi Guy's Footwork with 113 videos of guys' feet as the drive cars or trucks. Although I can't tell if either of the bonus sites update, there's definitely enough content to keep you busy for a month or two.

I didn't run into any real issues here. True, the site has no videos but the bonus sites do, and besides, this site focuses on images of guys and their feet. If that's something you like, you'll find it here. There's no nudity; again, not a problem if you're looking for guys' feet. Next, while I was able to find dates on the content, the only way to do this is to either go through the model index, where each guy's shoot is dated or spot the latest updates and then check the guys in those updates. Many of the shoots have similar poses with regard to feet, but honestly I liked them and thought they showed off toes, soles, socks, and shoes well. One complaint I do have is that the gallery thumbs are very small at 75x75, so they don't really preview the pics well.

Chi Guy's Feet offers an exclusive collection amateur guys (and a few strippers and porn performers) showing off their feet. Each shoot features the guy in shoes, then in socks and finally fully barefoot; many of the guys stay dressed, but some do go shirtless. There are 151 photo sets of good quality digital stills and a new set is added once a week. The bonus sites offer male foot videos, so you will have vids to watch, and the subscription price is quite reasonable. If you're looking for a nice mix of men men showing off their feet, Chi Guy's Feet is definitely worth a visit.

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