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Porn performer Pierre Fitch has been in the business for 19 years. He started out as an 18-year-old twink, but now he's 37 and a tattooed muscle hunk. Within the last year or so, he paired up with his real-life boyfriend Ethan Chase, and the couple started doing webcam shows together. Now, they run a JustForFans feed where they post their homemade movies. Let's have a look at what they're up to.

Pierre Fitch has been around Pornland for nearly two decades, and he has appeared on Cocky Boys a number of times, but he filmed for numerous other porn sites over the years including Men.com and Lucas Entertainment. The Quebecois performer was briefly a Falcon Studios exclusive, and he even had his own site for a while. Like many performers he's come and gone, so there are gaps in his performance history. Fitch is 5'6", and he's in very good shape with nearly nine inches of cut cock. He's versatile but tops in his video scenes more often than he bottoms.

Ethan Chase has filmed nine scenes for MEN.com, and he's bottomed in most of them. He's a blond guy standing 5'7", and he's packing a very ripped body. He's hung with nearly eight inches, and he's uncut. It doesn't look like Chase has filmed with any other sites or studios yet as I could only find his MEN.com and Bromo sessions.

In November of 2017 Pierre Fitch and Ethan Chase did their first professional scene together, and it appeared on Bromo; this also happened to be their first bareback video, although the couple had fucked raw a number of months beforehand on their webcam show. I don't know how long Pierre and Ethan have been a couple but they currently live in Montreal, Canada.

Most of the videos have Pierre Fitch and Ethan Chase playing with each other or other porn stars. The guys fuck others in duos or threeways like a scene with Armond Rizzo, who gets spit roasted by the couple. Porn hunk Austin Wolf has had a crack at both Pierre's and Ethan's asses in separate scenes, but the trio did another fuck scene where Ethan gets spit-roast fucked by Austin and Pierre. There are a few videos where Ethan fucks a nameless blond twink, and the couple spit-roasts another dark-haired twink, but most of the action so far is with known performers. Some of the videos also feature either Pierre or Ethan pleasuring themselves in solo sessions - there's even a vid of Ethan pissing in the shower, and he fucks Pierre in their storage locker in another.

There are currently 49 videos on the Chase Fitch JustForFans feed and most of these are homemade, although I did see at least one from Pierre Fitch's old membership site, which no longer exists. The videos are offered in MP4 format, and on my 26-inch monitor they played at 1220x690, but they'll adjust down in size on your smaller mobile devices. Some of the videos are filmed in portrait orientation on cell phones, so they'll be even smaller. The pair also used a stationary cameras to film some session. The quality is generally pretty good.

Following Chase Fitch allows you to stream the videos, but members must pay extra to download them. Currently 28 of the site's 49 videos are available in the store and cost between $7.99 and $9.99 each. I purchased one of the videos, and it came in MP4 format and played at 960x540. The video wasn't as crisp as a studio scene, but remember these are homemade videos. I enjoyed watching Austin Wolfe plowing Pierre Fitch's ass in this one. I also bought that storage locker fuck, and it was brighter and more crisp, so quality can vary.

There are three digital stills on the site and they're quite large and good quality. There's also one post with around a dozen screen shots from one of the videos, and they are displayed in a viewer, however for some reason, these aren't included in the site's picture count. These are average quality screenshots taken from one of the videos, and they're grainy but still give us a good look at this threeway session.

Fitch and Chase started their JustForFans feed on February 23 and uploaded a lot of content in the first three days to get it started. Since then they've been updating almost every day; they don't quite make daily updates but some days they add more than one scene at a time.

Are there any problems here? Not really, but there are a couple things worth mentioning. The couple does have a cell number listed on the sidebar, but information about any costs involved isn't listed; you have to hit the minus sign to expand the dropdown box to see pricing details. Texting costs $1.99 per message while videos are $5.99 each, which is cheaper than in the site's store. Also my standard complaint with these sites is that there's almost never a profile page giving us more information about the performers.

Porn stars Pierre Fitch and Ethan Chase have an active sex life and love sharing it with their fans on their JustForFans feed. They post videos of themselves in solo action or sucking and fucking with one another, and they also have many duos and threeway sessions with other performers. Fitch has been filming in Pornland for nearly two decades and has a huge following; Chase, on the other hand, is fairly new, but he pulls his weight on the site. There are 49 videos and frequent updates. If you like this couple, follow them, and they'll give you a peek into their bedroom and show you the trouble they get up to together and with other guys.

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