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Cazzo Club is a German gay porn production company that features mostly European men in rough, piggy sex. If you're into the gay fetish scene and BDSM sex, you'll love Cazzo Club. And we're not just talking about men gearing up in leather and having sex; the action at Cazzo gets pretty heavy, kinky and dirty. You're probably going to see stuff that you've never seen before - I was constantly amazed and turned on. We last reviewed it two years ago, so it's time to head back and see how things have been progressing.

Cazzo Club is packed with hot European men, masculine men ranging in their twenties and thirties with a handful of daddies in their forties. You'll find many well-know gay porn stars from the European scene like Aymeric Deville, Jessy Ares, Dolan Wolf, Lucio Saints, Alberto Esposito, Harley Everett, Race Cooper and Jean Franko. There are lots of European newcomers and performers who aren't so well known, as well as Americans who stop by while they're in Europe. Most of the models are manly with hard muscled bodies. Many wear facial hair, there are both smooth and hairy guys, and some have tattoos and piercings. There are also a few jocks and even fewer twinkish types, some Latinos, lots of black men and a healthy helping of skinheads and rough-looking guys. And since European cocks are generally uncut, there's lots of foreskin.

The action here is hardcore fetish sex. Expect lots of BDSM, fisting and extreme assplay with huge dildos and butt plugs, role playing, piss action, and all kinds of scene play. The men wear leather, denim, rubber and uniforms, although some wear nothing at all or jockstraps. And Cazzo Club works hard to feature dirty and sleazy locations including warehouses, dark basements, dungeons, garages, toilets and sex clubs. The action is pretty fucking hot and so are the men, and you're bound to find kinky stuff that gets you revved up. I have not led a sheltered sex life by any means, but I constantly found myself thinking "Wow! I didn't even know you could do that!"

Cazzo Club offers 513 exclusive, DRM-free videos which are scenes from 67 DVD titles. The sizes are a bit inconsistent; I found newer videos offered in two sizes of M4V at 1280x720 and 320x180 (this latter one is for mobiles), but others in two large sizes at 1920x1080 and 1280x720 and still others at 1280x720 and 848x1280. The not-so-new vids are sized at 854x480 and the mobile version at 320x180; oldest releases display at 640x480 and 320x240 for mobile versions. These are DVD productions so the quality is generally pretty good. Most of the videos are full scenes, but I did see a couple of vids broken into parts among the newest releases.

The site offers both downloadable and streaming-only memberships, so make sure you sign up for the right one. You can stream each scene right on the video summary page, and in these cases they play a little smaller at 706x398 (newer) to 530x398 (older), but if you go to each scene's episode page you can stream them in larger sizes from 980x554 (newer) to 740x558 (older). A full-screen option is available and most videos fare pretty well, although some could be a bit more crisp.

There are also 406 picture sets, as well. You'll find 301 photo sets in the PICS section and another 105 galleries under STARS, one for each of their men. The pictures are generally good quality digital stills displaying at 400x600 to around 853x1280 depending on the age of the pic set. I did see some screencaps, too, under some of the newest releases, and these displayed at 1920x1080 are average quality. You can save the pics individually. However only the galleries in the PICS section can be saved as zip files; for some reason the STARS galleries don't offer full sets for download. You can navigate from pic to pic easily, but there's no slideshows.

Each video, DVD and picture set has tags that make it easy to find more of the kind of content you like. The homepage shows the latest six updates, but on the videos page (GAY PORN SCENES) you can re-sort the videos to show them from newest or oldest videos or list them in top rated order. And if you're looking for a particular man, the STARS section lists many of them. Also model names on individual episodes are linked, so you can easily find more of each performer's scenes.

As I mentioned earlier, Cazzo Club has a couple membership options. First are the streaming-only memberships that let you watch as many videos as you want for 30 or 90 days; then there are the higher-priced download memberships that allows members to both stream and download the videos DRM-free (with 30 and 90 day options). All the prices are pretty reasonable.

My main problem with Cazzo Club is that there hasn't been a new scene in ten months. That's unfortunate since the site had been updating weekly. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for a second membership if you leave it checked. And pay attention when signing up to make sure you're signing up for the streaming-only or downloadable membership. Finally, the streaming-only membership has gone up $6 since our last review two years ago and the download option has increased by $2, both unfortunate considering updates have stopped.

One last thing. I'm not sure why the site uses the M4V format instead of MP4, but like MP4s, M4Vs are compatible with just about every type of device including most mobiles, so it's not really a problem.

Cazzo Club has a lot going for it from the very hot, masculine and mostly European men to the rough and often forceful action. I found extreme gay sex from spitting and fisting to fantasy kidnapping, and mostly pretty good production values. There's lots of uncut cocks, some hairy men, and some guys with massive dicks. And while the scenarios vary, you can also expect to see lots of cock sucking and ass fucking included in the fetish play. The 514 videos are downloadable if you get the membership that includes downloading, and the streaming videos are good-sized and play smoothly. If you like rough sex and kinky scene play, Cazzo Club is definitely worth checking out. It's a nasty place!

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