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Cazzo is a German porn company that is well known for producing dirty and nasty fetish action. What you see here may only play out in your fantasies. Cazzo is a theater within Studio Presse, a large network that's a little different than a standard membership site. It's been just over a year since our last review, but this network has just done a complete overhaul, and we need to talk about the improvements.

Cazzo men are masculine, mostly Europeans in their twenties and thirties. If you're unfamiliar with European porn you'll find lots of fresh faces as many of these men aren't well-known performers. But there are plenty of familiar faces like Fred Faurtin, Tyson Tyler, Thom Barron, long-time-retired Spencer Reed, Peto Coast, Lucio Saints, Jessy Ares, Harley Everett and Felix Barca, to name a few. The men are generally well-built, there's a variety of both hairy and smooth bodies and most of the performers have uncut cocks. You'll also find lean, slender and athletic builds. If you like rough-looking men, leather hunks, or skinheads, you've come to the right place. There are also several Spanish and black men. And because this is a fetish site, you can expect lots of tattoos and piercings.

These kinky men suck and fuck just about anywhere you can imagine - homes, garages, dirty basements, public toilets, factories, warehouses, outdoors and in dungeons and playrooms. The action can run from an Italian farmer fucking a German tourist outside of his barn to a gang of skinheads initiating a new member in a dirty garage. Sometimes the sex is hot and sweaty, other times it's dirty and piggy, even wet. Most of the men fuck in duos, but fans of group sex will also love what's here. The action can get pretty nasty with dildo fucking and fisting, roughhousing and forced sex, bottoms used by multiple tops and more. And in case I've missed anything, here's a list of some of the more popular category tags from the site: Fist fucking, exhibition and voyeurs, spitting, socks and sneakers, BDSM, leather, hard sex, gay sex in public, bondage, sounding, punishment, interracial sex, slaves, and backrooms.

Let's talk about how this network works before we get into video details. Studio Presse is a French porn company that operates 27 theaters. To access the content, you can either get a streaming membership or buy credits in packages from five to 100 tickets and redeem them to stream or download videos. Downloads run anywhere from six to ten tickets while streaming costs around four to six tickets. The monthly membership gives you unlimited streaming, but no downloads. I always recommend starting with the membership because it gives you access to all of the theaters and they offer hairy men, Arabs, black men, Latinos, fetish sex, and heaps of European guys from twinks to muscle hunks. But more importantly, you can watch whatever you want and make a list list of the videos you'd like to download, then buy the necessary tickets when you're ready.

Cazzo now offers 531 videos, each a scene from 108 of the studio's DVDs. The videos are available to stream in a player at 834x654 to 1088x610 at three or four speeds that they call mobile, standard, high quality and HD, although not all episodes have the HD versions, and the very oldest videos are only offered in one speed. The higher quality videos fare best in full-screen mode. The movies are average to good quality, although because of the variety of locations - and some of them get pretty dark - you will experience lighting issues from time to time. Also, Cazzo has been around for a number of years, so older videos won't have the same production values. Not all of the videos are available if you want to pay to download them, but many are, and they play back at 766x576 to 960x540, but there may be other sizes.

Each episode page shows six to 12 small pictures that preview the action. And things have improved here as a result of the network's upgrade. You can't enlarge these pictures; however, if you right-click and save the pic, you'll end up with a screencap displaying at around 1083x603 and they're decent quality. There's no downloadable zip, but this is still an improvement.

Let's talk about updates. There's a "new videos" button in the Videos popover and this will lead you to a page displaying the newest videos first, and these are now dated. By mid January 2019 they've added three videos and they released six in December 2018, and these are added anywhere from two to nine days apart. There were 18 updates in November, but I think this is the result of the renovations that were happening at the time.

The scene write-ups provide a basic synopsis, but lack a cast listing. Sometimes, however, an actor's name does appear in the description itself. Studio Presse has improved the tagging system, so each scene has a number of category tags that will sort the content to help you find more of what turns you on. There is a Models section, but it doesn't appear finished, so we'll skip this for now.

One problem I've always had with Studio Presse sites is that there's no rhyme or reason as to which videos are available for download, and this persists. Also, the monthly membership is pretty pricey compared to most membership sites, but if you love going whole hog with your dick in your hand, then it's still a good deal compared to streaming with tickets. The network homepage says that they update with 25 new videos every week, but somewhere it says they add 120 videos a month, so there's a discrepancy. Some network theaters very actively update while others barely update at all. The tour offers "thousands of high definition videos", but this isn't the case with every theater. And finally, when the dialogue isn't in English, I'm afraid there often aren't subtitles.

I like the action at Cazzo, which is more rough sex and kink than heavy BDSM with lots of equipment and props. And if you have a skinhead fetish like me, there are plenty of them here, but you'll find lots of different masculine and rough types, as well as plenty of uncut cocks for those of us into foreskin. There are 531 videos to stream with a membership or download using credits, and there are mobile compatible videos available. I love the variety of men, sex, and action here. The great thing about this network of sites is that you can use your viewing tickets or membership in any of the theaters. All in all, this is a very nice package.

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