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Carib Boys (short for Caribbean Boys) offers athletic black studs, mostly college-aged, in beautiful outdoor surroundings. The guys get naked on gorgeous tropical beaches, in green wooded areas with running streams, and one performer gets off in front of a stunning waterfall. The guys are dark-skinned, mostly pretty handsome, and they've got long, meaty dicks that any serious cock-sucker would love to service. I'm guessing that most of the studs here are straight, since the only sex scenes include one of the guys with a woman.

For the most part, the Caribbean boys show off their hot bodies, stroke their cocks and shoot their loads in these paradise-like surroundings, so you'll probably enjoy the videos if you're into watching big black cocks being handled solo and outdoor nudity. Once in a while the site offers a hint of a plot; in one episode, the guy stumbles across two Caribbean chicks getting it on, so he sits back to watch, his six-pack abs glistening in the sun as he jerks his jumbo-sized manmeat.

Carib Boys has been around since 2012 and offers 14 exclusive videos, and no, the site does not update; there's also no dates to give an idea of when content was last added. The videos are offered in MP4 format (some also in MPG), and are sized at 1280x720 at good amateur quality with pretty good sound. Some videos are also available in a smaller size for mobiles, but most newer devices should play the larger videos fine. The MPGs are the same size as the MP4s, but the quality isn't quite as good, so I'd suggest sticking with the MP4s. There are streaming versions of the videos, as well, and they're a lot smaller than the downloadable versions; I was unable to go full screen with them in 3 browsers, but you could always give that a try.

Each of the episodes comes with a set of pics. These are good quality screencaps - you might not even guess that they are screencaps - sized at 1008x756. Each set contains anywhere from 4 to over 20 photos, and while there are no features like downloadable zip files or hands-free slideshows, you can download the pics you like easily.

Beside the site's small size and lack of updates, there's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, so be sure that interests you or untick it. I was disappointed at the lack of personalization. We learn nothing about the performers but their names and maybe a very brief description like "He loves to have fun and he just loves to play," which doesn't tell us much. I'd rather see cock size, straight or gay, height and stuff like that. Scene descriptions are also short and generic. Another issue is that the last video listed is actually only a preview, and it's actually from the same studio's straight porn site.

Carib Boys offers some very hot black guys with slender, athletic bodies, six-pack abs and big cocks; the site doesn't tell us much about them, but these are studs who are well worth watching. There are 13 exclusive videos (including 2 with straight sex) that are good sized and downloadable, but there are also streaming versions for those who prefer to watch. The action is mostly solo, with plenty of cock stroking and some nice, messy cumshots, and the action is shot in tropical surroundings worthy of a travel video. The site's big catch is that it doesn't update, but I must admit that it might be worth joining Carib Boys to download the 11 jackoff videos ... and the 2 straight vids, if you want to watch a straight guy as he fucks pussy

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