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Can-Am OnDemand offers something a little bit different - 24/7 wrestling and erotic wrestling videos that are offered in a format more like premium cable TV than a porn member site. There's plenty of amateur jocks and hunks, plus some well-built porn stars in sweaty wrestling matches from DVD titles like Can-Am All Star Wrestling, Raw Mat Fights, Pro Sex Fight, Rookie Beatdown 3, and Frat Boys Muscle Fights. You'll find men built like tanks in submission matches, lean athletes doing a variety of poses, returning wrestlers in grudge matches. You'll find guys wrestling in singlets, jock straps, trunks or nothing at all.

Some of the wrestling here offers actual competition wrestling on a mat with a referee in the ring, but many of these matches only end when one of the competitors surrenders and the loser services the winner and gets fucked right there on the mat. There are titles showing this week that include nude oil wrestling, spanking, forced oral and anal sex. And some of the videos playing each week offer an actual story line.

The men here are a hot mix. There are Canadian amateur wrestlers, which is how Can-Am Productions got its name. Some are lean, others more muscular; all of them are strong, determined, and some are horny as well. You'll find muscular adult stars you've probably seen before like Topher DiMaggio, AJ Irons, and Kris Jamieson in some of these sweaty matches.

Can-Am OnDemand isn't a membership site that offers individual videos - they're more like cable TV. You don't choose videos to watch; instead, there's a stream 24/7, so you can watch different videos all the time. There are 3 versions of Can-Am - Basic, Plus and Prime. Can-Am Basic is the least expensive, and allows you to stream 12 wrestling videos playing one after another, and these are updated to 12 different videos each month. While I'm not clear on Plus, Can-Am Prime allows you to stream videos on your computer (PC or Apple), mobile device, and on your TV using either the RoKu box or AppleTV with AirTime.

The videos stream in a player, but while I can tell you the quality is good amateur and the videos use the H.264 codec, which is why they're Mac compatible, I can't tell you the actual video format used. I can tell you that on my desktop computer, the videos are sized at 500x376 and the stream played smoothly with decent sound, but I was surprised that I couldn't find a way to enlarge them or choose a different size. That being said, the videos looked very good and filled the screen on my Android phone and on my iPod.

Please note that due to the unusual format of this site, there is no way to score it compared to normal membership sites, so we did the best we could. Does this site have any other issues? Well, I would have liked to be able to enlarge the video player when watching on my computer, although this wasn't a problem on my mobiles.

Can-Am OnDemand delivers wrestling and gay sex in an unusual format, more akin premium cable TV stations than traditional member sites or video on demand. While this isn't a good fit for those who would rather choose which video to watch or save vids for later, it could be very nice if you have a Roku or AppleTV and want to watch the wrestlers get sweaty. And you will find plenty of hot, sweaty wrestling matches including tag teams, referees and all the trimmings - plus plenty of "forced" sucking and fucking. Can-Am OnDemand isn't for everybody, but it can make hot watching for those who want to just sit back while watching their TV, computer monitor or mobile device and watch wrestling and sexual wrestling without having to find and choose a video or mess with downloads.

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