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Cam With Him focuses on muscle hunks, bodybuilders and fitness models, so you can expect physiques ranging from ripped to huge. The performers do a lot of flexing, posing, and generally showing off their beautiful, muscled bodies, shirtless and wearing posing trunks, Speedos, or underwear. These are mostly men who are comfortable on camera and love showing off in the mirror, bedroom, backyard, the gym, the great outdoors - anywhere they can pull off their shirts and pants, and show off their physiques.

It's obvious that the models here work out, and I'm not talking about an hour three times a week, either. These are guys who spend hours at the gym every day, lifting weights and sweating as they sculpt their bodies. Even the slenderest guy here is also very athletic, with defined biceps, triceps, pecs, and abs. The biggest guy is probably Noah Erickson, and he could easily compete in major bodybuilding shows - in his photos, he's huge and ripped. And there's the hunky and well-named Muscle Adonis, a handsome guy with just a few pics but oh, what a body!

Cam With Him is part fan site and part pay-per-view site. Non-members and free members can browse, but what's available to view for free on the site? Most models have a media section, and each has pics that are good sized and decent to good amateur quality, showing off their bodies in provocative and muscle poses. You can view the pics or download them as you prefer. The models each have a section with a profile including things like body type, weight, age, eye color, and sexual orientation. While there's a Q&A section for each model, only one - dw_chase - has filled his out, and it makes fun reading. One model - Jon Pierre - filled out a brief bio, too.

Some of the cam models run their own fan clubs which you can join to get access to extra videos, photos, and diaries. I'm not sure that all of the fan clubs update; in fact, I'm pretty sure that at least some do not. But some are pretty well-stocked with pictures and videos, although prices vary; one model I checked out charges $10 per month but didn't seem to offer much content while another, who had lots of content, charges $30 per month. There are also quarterly and non-recurring prices, but I'd rather have paid to join the entire site and visit all the models' fan clubs.

Cam With Him offers 1,133 videos - 55 videos in the Videos section of On Demand and 1,078 recorded live show videos in the Shows section, also of On Demand. The recorded cam shows are available in Flash format at a size of 320x240, although quality varies a great deal depending on the age of the video you're watching as well as the performer's cam. You can enlarge the videos, and while the more recent ones look okay at 200%, in full-screen mode you will notice a loss of quality - considering how much larger most monitors are than they used to be, I wouldn't recommend full screen. The streaming versions are sized at about 450x345, pretty small by today's standards, and they're average quality, which is normal for cam show videos. Many of the older SHOWS videos are broken into multiple parts.

The videos in the Videos section are also offered in Flash, but are better quality than the recorded live shows. The downloadable versions are sized at 640x480. This is where you'll find men working out at home or at the gym, guys in the shower and also videos of some events, and these are also sometimes broken into multiple parts. While the videos are DRM-free, they're not compatible with most mobiles as they're not offered in MP4 or other mobile-friendly formats.

Most of the 35 guys have their own picture sections with anywhere from a couple to just over 50 photos per set. These pics have been taken at the gym, in bedrooms, outdoors, and at least one hunk has a few pics of him in the shower. The photos are mostly digital stills sized at around 640x960. There are also four galleries in the On Demand section, and these you must pay to see.

On our last visit, there were live guys around to chat with whenever we stopped by, but that's no longer the case. I checked the site for live models at 4 pm, 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm, 1 am and 4:30 am (PST) on a couple different days, and not once were there any guys live on cam. The site used to also offer video clips that were free to watch for anyone, but they are gone as well; the blog is also gone. The site links to two other cam sites, and while the site offering females had a couple live models, there were no live guys in the other cam site. There are no video previews or descriptions, either - just thumbs that, if clicked, let you know the cost for the video.

In fact, while I had fun browsing the model profiles, this site is a shadow of what it was a few years ago. I couldn't find a date for the next scheduled live show, and I'm not sure they offer them any longer. There are some minor errors and missing pics, no one is making the guys fill out their profiles, and although I checked for two days, I never found a live guy on cam.

One last thing I wanted to bring up is that I don't think this site offers memberships anymore, although they did previously. The join link takes you to the free membership, upgrading lets you buy credits to use to buy videos. Yes, you can join each Fan Club for the standard price for a member site subscription, but you only get access to the one guy's content.

So there you have it. Cam With Him features 35 sexy muscle hunks including some huge bodybuilders and athletic fitness model types, and you can read their profiles, check out their pics for free and pay to download their videos. I checked for live guys for three days across all times of day, but I never found even one guy live on cam nor could I find a schedule for future live shows. There are 1,133 smaller videos that you can pay to download, and some models have their own fan clubs you can pay to join. While there were no live guys at any of the times I visited, I'd say that Cam With Him is worth a visit if you want to browse the hunks and check out their pics and profiles.

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