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Today we're revisiting a site called CP4Men. The CP in CP4Men stands for corporal punishment, and this site focuses on male/male spanking delivered with firmness and expertise to well-built jocks and hunks. The guys have athletic physiques, some with lean swimmer's builds, others more muscular. Some have firm, round asses while others with resilient, muscular butts. The guys getting punished are mostly college age, and some wear sports gear - rugby uniforms or swim team trunks, where others start out wearing their jeans or school shorts. The men meting out the punishment are daddies, and I'd say most are in their 40s or 50s. Many wear suits, and all have a firm hand and an authoritative manner.

Many of the scenes start out with a hard hand-spanking over pants, then stripping down to underwear, where the spanking begins to sting. By now, the boys getting spanked are squirming, but they'll be wiggling more as the undies come off and the spanking really hurts or when the spanker pulls out the paddle and really reddens his victim's behind. There's a lot of paddling and spanking with hair brushes here, as well as plenty of OTK (over the knee) spanking. You can watch as the guy's butts get redder as they take their punishments.

CP4Men currently offers 127 exclusive videos, all with a focus on spanking. The newest videos are offered in MP4 format and are sized at 960x540, the not-quite-so-new MP4s sized at 854x480. Quality is good amateur, and sound really delivers what you'll hear as paddles, hairbrushes, and hands meet male butts. The not-as-new videos are offered at 640x360 in WMV and MP4 formats. The oldest videos are available in MP4 plus either AVI or DivX formats, and they're sized at 320x240. They're good amateur quality at their original size and enlarge to 200% pretty well, although I wouldn't recommend going full screen with them.

It's worth mentioning that for every video, the link that says "View Now" is actually a download link for the MP4 version of the video, although it will play in your browser if you just click it. The MP4s here should play on most mobiles, and I also prefer them over the DivX videos.

CP4Men features two kinds of pics. There are 55 photo sets in the free area, and these are good amateur quality pics that show off the action from the site's videos well. Sometimes the watermark is a bit intrusive, but these are pics taken from the video sessions; the newest are screencaps sized at 640x480 and the oldest are good amateur quality digital stills sized at around 640x458. When I clicked a thumb to see each pic, I was taken to a blank page with a tiny square on it; I right-clicked and selected "View image" and the picture appeared.

There are also five themed galleries in the members area. These are Spankable Lads 1 and 2, More Butts!, Black Spank, and a small gallery called Paddling & Caning. Pics here range from small, at about 229x350, to around 399x600. While the Black Spank gallery shows ebony studs with red, bruised bottoms, and I'd say the paddling gallery title speaks for itself, most of the rest of the pics focus on hot guys showing off their asses. There are no slideshows or zip files offered but you can download pics individually.

Something that was handy about the picture sets in the free section is that they're dated. They don't have the latest four updates listed, but the dates show clearly that this site updates once a month, and since there are no dates in the members area, that's good to know. The owner tells me that updates are added around the 15th of each month.

Members do get a few extras here. There are a few spanking videos from YouTube. Something I recommend is the article called Martin's Story, and also the About Me section in the free area, which tells all about the site owner's developing interesting in spanking - I'd say this is a definite must-read. Unfortunately the video that used to appear in the section called The Best Bum? no longer plays.

There are a few issues here but no deal breakers. The lack of update dates means there's no way to know exactly when new content is added, but the dates on the tour galleries make it clear the site does update monthly. Next, the tour says the site offers "over 130 clips," which is three more than the site offers, no big deal at all, and it's true if you count the Youtube videos. While I wasn't thrilled with the DivX format vids, since there is a downloadable MP4 for every video, it wasn't a problem. In fact, the site has improved since our last visit, leaving very little to worry about. My biggest complaint is the small size of the oldest videos, but they're the same size as many videos on other sites of similar ages.

CP4Men features hot jocks receiving corporal punishment in the form of hard spanking and paddling sessions. The guys are good looking amateurs, there's a lot of school fantasies, and those looking for OTK (over the knee) bare hand spankings are going to really like what they find here, although there's plenty of paddling, as well. The 130 videos are exclusive and downloadable, and a new one is added each month. This site delivers the goods for real fans of corporal punishment or those who just enjoy watching college boys squirm on an older man's lap as they receive their spankings. I recommend this site, as you can really tell that CP4Men is made by spanking lovers for spanking lovers.

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