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It should be no suprise that CFNM Spot offers videos of clothed females and naked males. Since CFNM stands for "Clothed Female Naked Male," the women are in control here while they use these men for their own pleasure and amusement. Besides some occasional naked boobs, the women mostly stay dressed. The men, however, are fully exposed, and those naughty girls usually help them out of their pants or make them strip in front of them. The guys are straight males in their twenties and you can see they actually enjoy being dominated or even humiliated. Most of the males have sexy and athletic bodies, but I have also find a couple of guys who are a little more chubby.

The girls are good-looking babes in their twenties and most of them have nice big tits. They operate in groups, and they can be really loud and giggly as they expose, view and enjoy a guy's discomfort with his vulnerability; the giggling probably makes the guys even more uncomfortable. The women play with their victims' bodies, cocks and asses, and they usually make them do stuff that's degrading for most straight guys.

The action varies a bit per video. In most videos you will see handjobs and oral action, but there are a couple that contain fucking, too. The intros are pretty long sometimes, but that didn't really bother me, because the build-up lets you know what leads to the action. When the guys are not being groped, stroked, jerked or blown, the girls have fun with them in various ways including shaving their pubes, letting them do naked yoga, sending them out on the streets while they have to wear a remote masturbatory device. I like the variety, because it makes the videos quite interesting.

There are 22 videos inside the CFNM Spot member area. You can download the videos to your own computer in various sizes. There are four sizes of MP4 videos of which the largest one comes at a size of 1280x720; the smallest versions can be used on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. There is one WMV version, which plays at a size of 852x480. The videos are not protected by DRM technology and you can download multiple videos at the same time. In case you prefer to stream the videos, you can watch them in three different sizes; 480x360, 852x480 or enlarge to full screen. You can also choose from different qualities. Both the downloadable and streaming videos are of good quality, with sharp visuals, bright colors and clear sound.

Each episode comes with either one or two sets of pictures. All the episodes come with a set of screencaps. There are hundreds of screencaps in a set, which makes them a bit repetitive. Then a few episodes come with digital stills that show at a big size of 2000x1333 and are of excellent quality. The screencaps are of lesser quality, of course, and they are a bit smaller in size as well; 720x406. There's no hands-free slideshows tool, but you can download the pic sets in zip files.

CFNM Spot is part of the straight BangBros network, and as a full member you will get access to the 14 other sites inside the network. The sites that are included in the network often change, so you might get access to different sites at different times. Still, there's a lot of bonus material in a wide variety of straight porn niches including facials, Latinos, big tits and more.

There are a couple things that you'll want to know before joining CFNM Spot. First, it looks like the site has stopped updating: in the last 9 months no new videos have been added. And second, the member's area of CFNM Spot is actually the member's area for another site from the same company, CFNM Show. I don't just mean they use the same content, CFNM Spot is actually a tour that leads to another site's member area. That's not a problem if you haven't been a member of the other site, but if you have, you'll be seeing the same exact content and bonuses.

The site a few more issues. First, pay attention when you decide to sign up as there is a pre-checked offer on the join page, so be sure you're interested in what they offer or else untick the box before you join. You'll also find a pre-checked offer on the login page. Trial memberships only gives you access to three videos, and the trials rebill at 10 dollars more than the price of a regular monthly membership. One last thing is that the members area is stuffed with advertisements for the BangBros webcam site.

The videos that CFNM Spot is offering are fun and entertaining if you love watching dressed women play with and humiliate naked men. The action is hot and so are most of the babes and guys which appear in the scenes. The 22 videos are of very good quality and can be downloaded or streamed, and each comes with at least 1 set of pics. The site doesn't update, and is actually using the member area for another CFNM site, but as a member, you'll get access to a huge amount of (straight) content from the BangBros network. Still, while I really liked the videos, I wish there were more of them because they are well done and the director clearly knows hot to create hot CFNM porn.

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