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They often say that women wear the pants in a relationship, and I can guarantee you that that's the case here at CFNM Show. The women are definitely in charge here, as the clothed females dominate, intimidate or even humiliate men without clothes. On the other hand, I don't believe we have to feel sorry for these straight guys because their cocks don't lie, and they can't hide the fact that they secretly enjoy being played with.

The guys at CFNM Show are straight guys in their twenties, and most of them are sexy and have well-shaped bodies. I did find some chubby and average guys, as well. With a few exceptions, the men are white Americans and so are the girls. These babes are pretty, and all that giggling and laughing shows us that they really enjoy controlling the men, and playing with their bodies, asses and cocks.

The videos here contain a lot of acting and the scene set-ups are pretty long sometimes. The action differs per episode; some only show some jerk-off action, while other videos contain sucking and fucking. Other ways for the girls to have fun with the guys include body painting, shaving, naked yoga lessons, underwear modeling and using remote masturbatory devices on them. While naked guys are the focus here, you might see a glimpse of a pussy or a pair of boobs from time to time.

CFNM Show was launched in 2011, and at the time of this review there were only 21 videos inside the member area. That's a disappointment, and the fact that no new videos have been added during the past six months makes it even worse. I think it's safe to assume that the site has stopped updating.

The videos here are DRM-free and are available in a couple formats. There is a WMV version which plays at a size of 852x480 and four different sizes of MP4 files, the largest one sized at 1280x720 and the smallest optimized for use on mobile devices and sized at 480x360. If you prefer, you can stream the videos online. These are available in three different qualities and you can also change the size of the player. The streaming videos shows at a size of 852x480 if you chose the largest size and quality. You can even further enlarge the video size if you go full screen. The quality of the videos is pretty good overall, with bright colors and sharp visuals, but I wish the sound was a bit louder because in some of the episodes it's hard to hear what the actors are saying.

Each video comes with a set of screencaps, which are average quality (as to be expected from screencaps) and sized at 1280x720; there are up to 500 of those per set. The high number of screencaps causes them to be very repetitive. Some of the vids also come with a set of digital stills, and these are sharp and clear, sized at 2000x1333; there are 150 of them on average. The pictures are scaled down to a smaller size when you view them online, but you will get the full sized versions when you download the zip files. There are no slideshows available.

CFNM Show is part of a larger porn network, called BangBros. As a member, you will get access to all 17 sites inside the network, all of which are straight porn and there is one other CFNM site which, surprisingly, offers the exact same videos as this site does.

The site has some issues you may want to know about. First, you should know that there is a pre-checked offer on the join page which signs you up for a second site membership if left checked. Next, the one-day trial membership gives members limited site access and rebills at 10 dollars more than a regular monthly membership. As mentioned, the site has stopped updating. Last, the members area is loaded with excessive advertisements for the BangBros webcam chat site, some of which are animated and sit directly next to the video player. In fact, the new member area has a login page with a tiny link to the member area and 2 large links to the chat site.

One last thing to be aware of is that the tour of this site shows far more preview thumbs than there are episodes in the member area. There are 66 thumbs on the tour although only 21 videos in the member area, so you might get the impression that the site is much larger than it is.

CFNM Show offers a collection of 21 good quality CFNM videos, each with matching photo sets and you can either choose to watch them online or download them to your own computer. Most of the performers - girls and guys - are hot, and there's some nice variety of action and some very creative scenarios, not to mention plenty of humiliation. In my opinion there are too many pitfalls and advertisement, which makes me wonder if what you are getting is worth the trouble, but I must admit that these videos are well done, and very hot if you're into clothed females controlling and sexually using naked males.

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