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CFNM Games is a new site in the Pure CFNM network that provides us with clothed women playing various fun games with naked men. One of the favorite games pits three or four women who compete in a jerk-off contest, and whomever can make the most men cum in the allotted time is the winner. Or there's the blowjob challenge where two women suck two men's cocks, and the first to make their man cum is the winner. "Fake or Real?" is a game where a guy fucks three women with a dildo and then his cock, and the women decide which feels better. There are other games, too, like cumshot contests to see who can shoot the furthest. 

The men come in a wide variety of types. You'll find guys who are lean and slender, athletic or muscular, but there are also guys who have average bodies including some who are overweight. They range in ages from their early twenties to some in their thirties, maybe some a little older than that. And some are smooth while others are hairy, some are tattooed while others aren't, and you'll find cut and uncut cocks; they guys are a varied bunch. And while all of the men are completely naked, they wear white masks over their faces.

The women are generally pretty good-looking with nice bodies ranging from slim to curvy, but I saw a few full-bodied women who were a little chunky. Blondes, brunettes, redheads ... they're all here. Most of the women are white, but I saw a handful who were black. And the women here wear sexy clothes, some in miniskirts or short shorts, others in tight, stretchy dresses that show off their figures, and in the episodes where they do strip, they may end up wearing just bras and panties or shorts or other sexy lingerie.

So as I mentioned at the top of this review, each episode has a group of women who are tasked with a specific game. "Keeping Score" has four women divided into two teams; each has to jack off a series of guys and the team who made the most men cum wins the game. While the first team moved into a quick lead with a minute-man cummer, team two actually won the game with a total of four men unloading their nuts. Most of the games involve the women stroking the men's cocks in one way or another, but a few feature blowjob action and a couple feature full-on fucking.

There are 16 videos inside CFNM Games, and these are available in MP4 format. You can download the videos in three sizes at 1920x1090, 1280x720 and 854x480. They're good quality and the largest sizes are in excess of 8 Mbps, so they're quite good and crisp. You can also stream them in three speeds all playing at 976x550, but the higher speeds are best quality and do well at full-screen mode. The videos are compatible with most newer mobiles.

Each episode has two picture sets. There's a set of digital stills that are available in two sizes at 800x553 and 1600x1067 and there's a set of screencaps at 1920x1080. The pics are good quality, even the screen grabs are good. You can save the pictures individually by right-clicking and saving as from the thumbnail or you can download sets in zip files (there are separate zips for the two sizes). You're probably better off downloading the zip files because saving them individually will get you a smaller picture. There's also a hands-free slideshow, although because each gallery has over 200 pics, I did find a lot of similar poses.

You get access to five other sites: Pure CFNM, Lady Voyeurs, Amateur CFNM, Girls Abuse Guys, and Hey Little Dick, and there are 1,076 videos in all. When you first log into the site you'll find yourself on the Pure CFNM homepage as CFNM Games is one of six sites with content in this network. There's a banner at the top announcing that CFNM Games is a new site, and you can click that to go to the site's page or there's a Bonus Site section on the navbar and you can navigate to the CFNM Games movies from there. I wish the site had been better organized and made it easier to sort the content by site.

And about the bonus content itself, you can expect lots of different scenarios in the CFNM niche. Some are quite sexual with clothed women having sex with nude men, while others involve the women humiliating the men in some way either making fun of their small cocks or fucking them with strap-ons. Some of the scenes go further than that with full-on BDSM themes, others are a little kinky with medical situations, cross dressing, cuckolding, or girls in uniforms.

It's hard to talk about the update schedule for the site because it just launched, so while dates are shown on the current content, you can ignore them - the videos were added before the site opened its doors. Good news is that the network adds new scenes every week in the CFNM niche, so you won't be stranded with nothing new to watch.

Aside from organizational issues, there aren't any other drawbacks here except that there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that's below the fold under the sign-up form, so make sure you look for it - otherwise you'll be signed up for a second site membership when you join CFNM Games.

CFNM Games is a fun site that has just opened that features clothed women playing games with nude men. And they're mostly pretty fun for the guys, too, as they involve the women servicing them with handjobs or sometimes oral sex or fucking. The site launched with 16 videos to download, stream and watch on newer mobiles, and while we don't know how often it will be updating yet, there are five bonus sites that offer you another 1,076 videos in the CFNM niche covering different kinds of scenarios and situations. If you're into this CFNM you should be pretty happy with the network offering.

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