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CFNM is short for Clothed Female Nude Male, and that's exactly what CFNMtv is about. The females stay fully or partly clothed while the guys are stripped naked, dominated, humiliated, and played with by one or more girls. There's a lot of role playing where the guys play the submissive part as the girls dominate and use them for their own pleasure or humiliate them, laughing at them as they jack off or show their cocks and making them feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. The scenarios are creative and the action is diverse. Some guys are tied up and spanked, some get fucked by girls with strap-ons and others are jerked off by a group of women. Sometimes the guys are forced to suck each other off or fuck each other while the women watch them.

The guys here are college-aged amateurs and semi-pros. Some are very good looking while others are average guy-next-door types, and their bodies vary; you'll find slender boyish cuties, athletic jocks and some hunks with gym-built, muscular bodies. While you will find a couple of black guys, the majority of them are white. CFNMtv is a British site so there are plenty uncut cocks, always a plus. The girls are sexy, and while they remain clothed during the scenes, you can see they have nice bodies and sometimes big boobs. If you like to see naked guys in embarrassing situations being dominated by clothed females, then read on as I tell you what I found inside of CFNMtv.

CFNMtv currently offers 82 episodes, many of which are broken into multiple updates. The site says it updates twice a week, but often an update is only a part of a full scene. The videos can be downloaded in WMV and MP4 formats, most of which are sized at 960x540 at good amateur quality or better, although a few are sized at 960x720 at average quality. I found the WMVs to be a little sharper and clearer than the MP4s, but honestly they all make good watching, and the MP4s should play on most newer mobiles. For those who prefer not to download the videos, they can also be streamed at the same size and quality.

Each update comes with a matching set of screencaps. There are from 30 to over 100 fairly good quality pictures in a set. The sizes of the pictures vary a bit, but most of them are sized at 1100x618. While you can save individual images, you can't download them altogether in a zip file. There's no hands-free slideshows either, but clicking an image will take you to the next one.

Now let me explain a bit more about CFNMtv's (unusual) setup. The guys behind this site also run CFNM. That site used to have videos and picture sets, but the owners have decided to make CFNM a photo story site. They removed the videos from the first site and used them to create CFNMtv, which is now the site that hosts the videos. The concept behind CFNMtv is that it's like a TV station where episodes are only available to watch for a limited amount of time. Episodes can be downloaded and saved to be watched anytime, but after certain dates they are removed from the site, at which point they are no longer available.

The site doesn't have many issues, but memberships are on the pricey side and a processing fee of $1.95 will be added to the price. Also, I wasn't thrilled that older episodes are removed from the site after a certain amount of time, which is how the site can continue to update without growing any larger. There are a lot of advertisements for other porn sites owned by the same company, and you would need to purchase additional memberships to watch the content.

Also keep in mind that many video updates are often only part of a full scene. While some sites break videos into multiple parts because they're very long, all the video updates I downloaded here ran between just over four and 10 minutes each. That means just as you get interested, you have to switch to the next part, assuming it's already in the member area. The other reason is that the parts from a video aren't added one after another; the site alternates adding a part of one vid and then a part of another. That means it can take from three weeks to as long as 12 weeks to put up all the parts from a particular scene.

CFNMtv stars clothed females humiliating guys in a variety of scenarios that includes stripping them, mocking them, fucking them with strap-ons in front of their friends and more. There are currently 82 episodes broken into a couple hundred DRM-free downloadable videos with matching picture sets, and while each video update is only part of a full scene, the site says they update twice each week. The guys, who are British amateurs in their early twenties, are dominated, humiliated, used, and abused by one or more girls. The concept of offering the content as if it were a TV series didn't entirely come across for me, but I did like watching hot - and mostly uncut - guys stripped, humbled, and forced to submit to dressed women.

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