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Butterloads takes us behind the scenes and shows us what supposedly happens at a porn audition. You've probably heard of the casting couch where sexual favors are exchanged for movie parts. Well, the Butterloads' producer is more direct: "If you want the part, you'll come over here and suck my cock," he tells one guy.

The guys applying for porn work are in their twenties, some with average bodies, but a couple are nicely ripped. I recognize three or four of them from other videos, and here's how it works. A guy comes into the office for an interview looking for work in porn, and the producer explains that male performers get paid better in the gay side of the business. They chat and he gets the guy to strip in his office. The producer is quite candid, often degrading, and doesn't hold back his words. (He's a goof, if you ask me.) And he's not shy. "Why don't you come over here and show me what you can do," he says to one guy. The guys suck his cock while the producer holds the camera and eventually he tells them to sit on his dick.

Whether you'll be turned on by these sessions depends. There's a lot going on. The producer is doing the interview and holding the camera so we get that POV / reality feel, but then he's telling the guy what to do the whole time. "Sit on it ... pull your cheeks open ... look at the camera ... spread your ass ... lean over the desk ..." I know the guy is the director, so he has to direct, but honestly, I wasn't sure whether I was watching a porn video or listening to a kinky square dance caller. And the guys themselves had to deal with the impossibility of backing onto a cock while looking at the camera and following all of the producer's directions and trying not to fall on their heads. But then, that's the porn biz.

When you join Butterloads as a full member, you get access to a network of over 900 videos but there are only 12 videos inside Butterloads. They're offered in downloadable WMV, and playback is at 852x480; you can also choose from four sizes of MP4: 480x360 (mobiles), 720x202, 852x480, and 1280x720. The videos are clear and have good sound, but they're filmed in a reality style, so you can expect bumping of cameras and jostling to get into position. You can also stream the videos in two sizes: 980x550 and 650x370; there was another version called "light" but I think that option simply reduced the picture quality to save bandwidth.

Each episode has two galleries of pictures: digitals and screencaps. The digital stills display at 800x600 and the screencaps are 720x406. There are 200+ digital stills per set and over 1,000 screencaps, too many to be very useful, but they're available if you want them. You can view the pics in galleries or download them in zip files, but there are no slideshows.

As I mentioned earlier, you'll get access to the "Big Daddy " network of sites produced by this company. In all you'll have a library of over 900 videos to enjoy in a variety of reality-style themes like guys fucking in public places, white guys bending over for ginormous black dicks, or masseurs giving clients way more than just a massage. While it may seem that members get access to the hugely successful Bait Bus and Haze Him, in reality access to these sites are an upsell; members must pay for access.

Are there issues? Well, there is a pre-checked offer of the join page, and it's for one of the sites that are an upsell rather than being included in the network (Haze Him). But if you're not interested, the offer is easy enough to uncheck. And if you do sign up on a trial membership, not only will you get limited access to the site, but you'll be rebilled at a price $20 higher than the monthly membership, so make sure you read the fine print. Butterloads is small doesn't update, and most of the sites in the network don't, but a couple may still put up weekly updates. I'm not sure if they're creating actual new content for the network or just moving stuff around to make it look new. Still, with over 900 videos in the network, there's enough to keep full members busy.

The Butterloads theme gets a mixed review from me. I don't mind the casting couch idea, but between holding the camera, conducting the interview, and directing the guys, I thought the producer had too much to do, so in a way he's the star of the videos rather than the guys auditioning. If you're looking for more audition / casting type videos, one of the bonus sites called Bareback Casting offers another 92 scenes that come with your membership. So as a standalone site, Butterloads doesn't do it for me - it does have only 12 videos - but as a way into this network of over 900 videos I'm giving it a thumbs up. The company is one of the kings of reality-style filming gay porn and they have heaps of stuff to keep you entertained.

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