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Buff and Bound combines several hot niches: muscle worship, bondage, and tickling. The site features many well-known bodybuilders, many of whom are frequently found on the muscle porn sites. If you're a bodybuilding fan, you'll be familiar with a lot of the men on Buff and Bound: Derek Atlas, Frank "the Tank" DeFeo, Mario Capelli, A-Bomb, Peter Latz, and Mike Buffalari, for starters. The men are muscle hunks and professional bodybuilders with bulging shoulders, powerful biceps, and big and chiseled pecs - these men aren't casual twice-a-week gym visitors; they live the bodybuilding lifestyle, and while many have appeared on gay porn sites, most of them are straight but are comfortable knowing that gay men like admiring their bodies.

The action on Buff and Bound comes in two very different flavors. In the first, the bodybuilders are tied up and tickled with fingers, brushes, feathers, back scratchers, and other implements. These sessions are playful with their tickler teasing and taunting them as he finds his victim's most ticklish spots and makes them giggle, struggle, and laugh. The tickers heightens the tease by saying things like "Are your feet ticklish?" and this gets these bound muscle hunks squirming all the more in anticipation.

The second series of videos are more serious where these bound and gagged muscle hunks are manhandled, usually by a masked man. Sometimes they're tied with rope, other times duct tape or leather cuffs. They're forcefully touched and insulted, and their shirts and underwear are often cut off with scissors or knives, or simply ripped off their bodies with their tormentor's big, strong hands. He squeezes and slaps their meaty pecs, whacks them with their t-shirts, or wraps his massive arms around them and squeezes. And sometimes the masked man will stop to pose and flex for the camera, just so we know how big a boss man he really is. It's kind of fun and definitely hot.

In both series there is full nudity but not any real cock play; if these bodybuilders get erections, it's because they're excited and not because their genitals are touched or played with. There's no sex, masturbation, or cumshots; these sessions are all about being powerless and manhandled or tickled while helpless.

Buff and Bound offers 124 exclusive, DRM-free streaming videos in MP4 format. The videos display at 900x507 and are compatible with most newer mobiles. They're good amateur quality, although the newer vids tend to be a bit sharper. Each video runs around 10 to 15 minutes, although a few are shorter. While there's no limit on streaming, you cannot download any of these movies with your membership, but the site offers a buy-to-own program where you can purchase them for $6.99 to $14.99 each depending on the length of the video. The movies play smoothly, but the site doesn't appear to be using a full-streaming server, so jumping ahead in a scene required a few second wait for the video to catch up.

Each episode has a picture set that features 10 to 24 high-quality screencaps offered in thumbnail galleries. They display in the same size as the videos, which means the newer pics are sized at 900x507 and older episode galleries offer pics that are 400x600. There are no hands-free slideshows, but you can download zip files of all the photos.

My biggest complaint about the site is that it has not updated in several months, and none of the episodes are dated. We find a clue in the clips-for-sale section that shows videos were filmed between 2009 and 2016 with the most recent site update dated November of 2016 (it's now March of 2017).

There are a couple other negatives. First, the videos are a little short at around 10 to 15 minutes each. Just when I was enjoying watching the bodybuilders struggle, the scene was over. Next, the two newest vids are trailers, not full scenes. And last, I do wish that the downloadable versions of the videos were included for members.

There's something really hot about watching a massively built muscle hunk rendered helpless with rope and duct tape. I found the tickling videos got me laughing and giggling, too, as I watched these bodybuilders squirm. The more serious bondage sessions felt realistic, and I loved seeing these big, strong bodies bulge and tense as they're manhandled. The men on Buff and Bound are sexy and the sessions give us a unique look at their bodies; as I watched them struggle I got a full appreciation for how strong these men are. Buff and Bound offers 124 videos, and while the site has stopped updating, muscle fans who like a little kink should really enjoy this one.

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