Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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BuffBoyzz is a male strip revue in New York and a couple more cities in the U.S., and BuffBoyzzTV is the site where you can see the dancers and porn performers who strip for them jack off or suck and sometimes fuck for the camera. You'll find porn stars including buff and tattooed Hugh Hunter, masculine and bearded Billy Santoro, and slender and smooth Joseph Rough; for the most part the guys are well built, ranging from athletic to pretty muscular. Many are tattooed and some have a rough look, while a couple of the guys are built with a more boyish look.

All the videos I watched start out with a little interview time as site owner Jeffrey Wachman talks to the guys on the mic, asking questions from the normal "are you into men or women?" to the whimsical "does your cock have a name?" In some videos, like the one with very well-hung Doug Acre, the guys stroke their dicks for the camera, with occasional (but not too frequent) comments from the director. In other videos, the men suck cock and do some serious ass-pounding, and in one memorable scene, four guys get it on in front of an audience - three men take turns fucking Kyle DeAnthony. In all the videos I watched, it was pretty obvious that the performers are extremely comfortable in front of a camera or an audience, and some probably have a hint of exhibitionism.

BuffBoyzzTV offers 23 videos, all of which can be streamed and some are also available for download. The downloadable videos are each available in a single size of either 1080x720 or 1920x1080; they're good quality with fairly good sound and are fairly well lit. All the videos stream at 640x330, but I'd suggest going full-screen; the videos are good enough quality to enlarge well, so they make better watching larger. Disappointingly the three newest videos aren't offered for download, and a few of the oldest have download issues we'll go into later. Some of the videos are much quieter than others, so you might want to turn down your volume when going from one video to the next just in case the next one is much louder.

Each video comes with a small set of pics. These range from average to good amateur quality digital stills or screencaps that are sized at 1200x1800 (although shown to fit your browser on the page) or 1200x800. While there are only five to nine pics per set, they're well chosen - there's no repetition, and the pics show the action well. You can easily download individual pics, and while there are no slideshows or zip files available, you don't really need them since the sets are so small.

Many of the performers here have that strong, masculine, pumped and tattooed look - they're the kind of men who just bring out the bottom in us. That made it all the more disappointing not to see model profiles, although the interviews may cover part of that kind of information. And you'll definitely get the feel for each performer's personality in the videos, which is a real plus.

Now let's talk about issues. First is that the site no longer updates, and has not added new content in quite a while. Next there's a collection of thumbs on the right side of every page; these are ads that, when clicked, lead to a third-party live cam site. Some of the videos and pics are a bit blurry. As mentioned, the three latest updates aren't offered for download, and the oldest videos download as tiny 15k files that are too small to be videos at all; luckily all the streaming videos play fine. Last are two inaccurate tour claims: bi-monthly updates (the site stopped updating) and full HD 1080p videos (some downloads are 1280x720, and regardless of the video size, the streaming player is only 640x330).

BuffBoyzzTV offers up some very sexy men, mostly muscle hunks who are often tattooed, built, and well hung. There's a nice mix of guys stroking their cocks, sucking dick and fucking, and there are interviews to help us get to know each guy. The site offers 23 videos, all of which are available to stream and just over half of which can be downloaded in MP4 format at either 1280x720 or 1920x1080. Each video has a few well-chosen pics as well. I was disappointed that updates have stopped, as I really liked the men and the action, and if you like what you see on the tour, I think you'll really enjoy what BuffBoyzzTV offers in the members area.

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