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Buenos Boys is a site that we discovered, and they feature Argentinian guys. We were attracted by the good-looking collection of amateur guys on this site, and since we've never reviewed it before we wanted to take a look inside and see what they had to offer.

The guys on Buenos Boys are amateurs in their twenties from Argentina, mostly pretty good looking with gym-fit and well-defined bodes. A few of the guys are slender and less muscular, but others are quite muscled, although not professional bodybuilder types. Quite a few of these studs are fashion-model handsome, some are cute, and others are average looking, but I found most of these guys got me clicking to see more of them. The guys are largely clean bodied without tattoos, but a few had a bit of ink; and they were largely natural with untrimmed pubes and uncut cocks. The guys are also usually smooth with little body hair (except for their pubes or furry legs) and there's the odd mustache, chin scruff, or 5 o'clock shadow, but the majority are clean shaven.

The action on Buenos Boys is solo jack-offs, there's no hardcore sex, although the site hints that guy-on-guy sex is coming. Each video starts off with a short interview, no more than 5 minutes, then the guys get down to stroking their cocks. There's lots of bedroom and living room masturbation, and a lot of the guys hop in the shower for some stroking under the hot spray.

There are 58 videos on Buenos Boys, and these are offered for download in WMV and QuickTime formats and display at 640x480. The videos are crisp and good quality, although I found the QuickTime versions looked better. There's an MP4 version (320x240) for mobile devices, as well. If you prefer streaming video, you can watch these in a Flash player and these also have full-screen capability, although there is some loss of crispness here. There's no DRM on the site, so those downloadable videos are yours to keep. The guys speak Spanish, but the pre-action interviews are subtitled.

Each episode also comes with a picture gallery of between 35 to 50 pictures. These are digital stills and feature the guys in pre-stroking glamor shots. They display at 430x640 on the site, but the downloadable zip files give you larger pictures showing at 600x900. There what they call a slideshow, but it's not actually the thumbnailed gallery. The pictures online cannot be saved individually, so you'll have to grab the downloadable file if you want to save them. There are another 13 guys who don't have any videos and their photo galleries are offered as a bonus.

The only real negative about the site is that it isn't updating. And this is too bad because not only are the guys hot, but this is one of the more nicely-designed and easiest to navigate sites that I've visited in a long while. In fact, someone should fly to Argentina and slap this site owner for depriving us of seeing more of these hot Argentinian guys.

Buenos Boys might not be updating any longer, but there's lots here to keep you entertained for the length of your monthly membership, and it's a good price. The guys are sexy and the stroking sessions are a turn-on, with the amateur models paying lots of attention to their uncut dicks in and out of the shower. The site is easy to navigate and the videos are offered in a good size with four different versions for you to enjoy on and offline. If you like amateur Latin guys, I don't think you'll be disappointed with Buenos Boys, in fact, I'd be surprised if you were.

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