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Bryce Evans started his porn career in 2011 on Dominic Ford, and he's appeared in videos produced by several major studios including Men Over 30, MEN.com and Lucas Entertainment. He's a handsome muscle hunk in his prime with a gorgeous body, a seven inch cut cock, and he's 44 years of age. He prefers to top, but he has bottomed, too. He's launched his feed with JustForFans on Valentine's Day 2018, and we're taking a look at what new.

Evans just returned to Pornland in December 2017 after a two-year break during which he dealt with legal difficulties stemming from his arrest in 2015 for cocaine possession and probation violation, among other things. It's not the first time Evans has been in trouble with the law, but the news is that he seems to be back filming porn again.

Bryce Evans opens his JustForFans feed with a video of some arm workouts at the gym. Gosh, if you like huge bulging biceps, this will be the best 39 seconds of your day – what a view! He followed up this video with a 15-minute fuck session with Dominic Ford, who got Evans started in his porn career and who also developed the JustForFans network. Evans posted some pictures over the next couple of days and then a video where he shows us his recipe for a protein shake that helps build those huge muscles. He shared another vid of his shoulder routine at the gym, and finally, several days later, there's a short POV (point of view) video of Bryce sucking a cock.

After 10 ten days of posting mostly pictures, Bryce Evans posted a short video with a girl saying "So I'm always asked are you gay? Bi? I prefer guys but every once in a while I'll freak with a girl". A couple of days after that one, Bryce posted a jack-off video followed by a 15 minute suck and fuck vid with fellow porn performer Scott Demarco. In between the videos, Evans posted some pictures, a mix of selfies and studio shots, where he's showing off his hot body. And the newest few videos are behind-the-scenes vids that he took while on set of a couple of porn shoots at Peter Fever and another site. So you can see that there's lots of variety here.

Bryce Evans offers 16 streaming videos in MP4 format. They generally play at 1230x694 on my 26 inch monitor, but some of them are filmed with a cell phone in portrait orientation, so they're smaller. These are amateur productions shot by Evans himself or someone he's enlisted to help and they're pretty good, although some aren't as crisp or as well lit as I'd like, but what do you expect from homemade videos? None of the videos are available for download, and while JustForFans has introduced a store where the performers can sell their videos, but Evans doesn't offer any for sale.

There are also 47 pictures on the site, and these are a mix of selfies as well as screencaps and digital stills from some of his studio productions. They come in various sizes and are generally pretty good quality - even the selfies aren't bad. Evans loves showing off his body, and this shines through in the pictures where he gives us a good look at his fantastic arms and chest, as well as his very sexy ass both naked and in a jockstrap.

Now let's talk about updates. When Evans launched his JustForFans, at first he was updating like mad, but there have been no updates in over six months, so it looks like what you see is what you get. 

There aren't any other problems with the Bryce Evans' JustForFans site except that it's on the small side, but it's not expensive to follow him. His store isn't populated, but there is JustForFans merchandise there like tshirts and drinking glasses. As well, JustForFans has just introduced the ability for fans to text with performers (they can receive pics and videos by SMS as well) but Evans' feed still doesn't have a phone number listed.

Bryce Evans is a popular performer who has been working on and off in porn since 2011. He's filmed with big and small sites alike, and now he's offering his own homemade videos for his fans. The thing I liked about Evans' videos is that they're not all sexual; there are a number of vids filmed during his workouts in the gym and even takes us into the kitchen to show us his protein shake recipes – perfect ways for fans to get to know more about the man. And of course, there are sex videos, too. If you're a fan, you'll want to check out his feed.

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