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Brock Avery got started in porn in 2014 (maybe a little earlier), and he's filmed your standard suck and fuck stuff, but he's also done a fair number of fetish scenes you can find around the web. The BDSM arena is where I saw him first and became a fan. In spring of 2015, he started his own site called Brock's Palace XXX where he features videos that you purchase individually, and you won't find them anywhere else.

I'd say Avery is in his mid to late twenties; he's sporting a rock-hard body that he keeps either slightly hairy or smooth at different times. Likewise, he appears both when he's clean shaven and sometimes wearing a beard. And he's versatile, both topping and bottoming in his scenes - and as I said, he likes exploring his kinky side.

I watched one of the videos he filmed with Lance Hart, another kinky guy where Lance is chowing down on Brock's armpit. Brock Avery is a dirty boy: "Yeah, get in there ... stick your tongue all the way out ... now suck the hair ... how does it smell?" Isn't this the kind of stuff you want to hear when you're watching an armpit video? I do. It's only 5 minutes long and the guys never even take off their underwear, but even so it's a sizzling 5 minutes. And there's another 8 minute reel where Brock works over Lance's pits. It's nice watching guys who are really into their kink.

There are a couple of videos where Brock is tickled by a woman; in another he punches Lance Hart's nuts repeatedly, then clips clothes pins on them in a second scene; in a third, Brock wears a cop uniform and talks dirty to his viewers and orders us to clean his boots. One series starts with "Pound the Piggy", where Brock wears a pig mask and is tied to a bench and Jessie Colter fucks his ass; in the second installment, Brock is flogging and cock edged with lots of verbal humiliation, and in the final episode, Jessie throat fucks him. (Maybe I got the order mixed up, but that's how they were presented on the site.) In other videos, Brock fucks several women (in different videos, not all at the same time), gives head to Jessie Colter, and jacks off, so there's a variety of stuff happening.

There are 28 videos on offer at Brock's Palace XXX, and they're a mix of standalone full scenes and scenes broken into multiple parts. It's hard to tell, but it looks like there are four series with 2 to 3 parts each and the rest are complete scenes. The downloadable videos come in MP4 format and play at either 1280x720 and 1920x1080, depending on the vid. They're fairly good amateur productions and fare well at full-screen mode. You can't stream these videos on the site - they're only available for download - and there's no DRM so they're yours to keep. There are no picture galleries on the site.

The site has continued updating - in the last 27 days, it's added 11 videos, adding on every 1 to 2 days, but it appears the site may have removed some vids are there are only 6 more videos than there were 27 days ago. Also worth mentioning is that all the recent updates are straight sex.

Brock's Palace XXX isn't a membership site; you buy only the clips you want. You can purchase them one at a time or in groups, although there's no discount for purchasing multiple videos. Most of the clips cost from $6 to $9 each, but a couple are around $10, and one where Brock gets fucked by Rocco Steele is $20.

The site is straightforward and easy to use, but it'd be a lot better if it had more information about Brock Avery himself. There's really nothing except a link to his Twitter feed and the fact that he lives in the San Francisco area. There are decent write-ups for each of the scenes, including who is in them, but without any picture galleries, performer bios or preview clips, these minimalist pages were a little disappointing.

Brock Avery is a kinky guy who likes to explore fun and kinky things like tickling, bondage, uniforms, armpit play and of course, he likes sucking and fucking both men and women, too. Brock's Palace XXX is a simple site where Avery plays with some known performers like Jessie Colter, Lance Hart, Sebastian Keys and Rocco Steele. The site is just getting off the ground, so there isn't a heap of stuff here yet, but they have been updating fairly frequently, and there's enough to whet the appetite of his fans, who will be happy to add his exclusive videos to their collections.

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