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British Disclipline is a site built by discipline lovers for discipline lovers. You can tell on the tour that this site was not made by web-professionals, but rather by men who believe in corporal punishment and share it as a very personal experience. There are no slick graphics, no amazing flash animation - but every picture chosen is perfect for the site. This site was made by the owners, and it shows. You don't see many sites with this level of sincerity, and it's always a pleasure to see a genuine labor of love. Outside the member area, linked from the tour, is the forum. The men posting in the forum are all serious spanking and caning afficianados. The topics there range from personal experiences, both recent and long ago, to spanking implements. The forum is pretty interesting, and gives you a good idea of what this site is really about.

When you log into British Disclipline, you'll find the dtae of the latest update at the top of the page, a link to the "Members Bunker" followed by a list of the 4 latest video updates and the 4 latest pic updates. Each one shows a thumb of the action, and the thumbs show men's or lad's bottoms pointed up, and being punished in some way. The updates aren't linked - members have to go to the "Members Bunker" to download pics and videos. At the bottom of the member home page are pics of the latest "British Discipline Challenders" and a link to the DVD store.

The Members Bunker has navigation on a frame on the left of the page. You will find a Clip of the Month, The British Empire Magazine section, and the The BD Punishment Challenge. There is the Movie clips and stills section, and a Galleries section. There are also members pics and stories as well as opportunities to buy DVDs and an explanation of the video formats.

There is a link for those who want to appear in a video, and I recommend you read this as it's interesting. It turns out that some of the models on British Disclipline are members. Those members get to choose what level and amount of punishment they will receive, and what type. The members who make a video can also choose a scenario if they wish. They do not get paid, but they do receive a year membership to British Disclipline.

The Movie clips and Stills area has 245 videos and approximately 1340 photo pages in 14 categories that include Bare arse, Army, OTK and Underwear. The punishment is carried out mercilessly, and if navigation is broken up a bit, it's still pretty easy to use. All pics and videos here are exclusive to British Disclipline. The quality of the pics and videos is amateur, which works very well. The earlier videos are removed as British Disclipline is a pretty small site, but the pics are all left up in archives, and there are plenty of videos on the site. You will find dated additions in the various movie clips and stills section. The most recent update was actually done today.

The movies in both the Movie clips and stills section and the BD Punishment Challenge section are necessarily short since the movies are only of the actual punishment. The videos are done right, though, and every lash is counted, with nothing is left out. The most recent videos are offered in MPG and 2 sizes of WMV. The large WMV's are shown at 720x576 with a bitrate of 1.99 Mbps, and these look pretty good. The medium WMV's are shown at 360x288 at 696k, and the MPG's are 384x288, and these are probably the best quality of the 3. The older videos are shown at 320x240 in WMV, MPG and Real formats, and are also mostly good amateur quality. Sound is good, which is important in spanking videos, and the videos play smoothly.

There's also a model index so you can browse the content by model, although there are no bios or profiles of the guys.

When it comes to extras, there are stories, the magazine - with real newspaper clips about spanking and caning, and there's The BD Punishment Challenge. That's where you'll find the videos and pics of the members who came to the British-Discipline studios to test their limits. As of this review, there are 23 members who have been caned, slippered, birched and spanked in the Challenge. The videos are to the point, and the punishment to the men's bottoms is very real. Each member has preview thumbs that leads to short picture galleries plus the video, which are of good amateur quality. There are some pretty serious spankings here - and some very red butts.

There are 2 things I didn't love about the site. First, the older videos are "retired", which means they are removed from the member area. They are then only available after that by buying a DVD. Second isn't so much an issue as a complaint - the last 40 updates are listed with dates, but only on the tour. It would be handy to have in the member area.

If you're a fan of real amateur discipline, then you know there's not enough of it out there, particularly when it comes to corporal punishment. British Discipline is dedicated to spanking, caning and slippering men's asses, and I had a great time checking out their member area. While some of the pics and 245 videos are on the small side, the newer vids are larger, and they are all DRM-free and downloadable. The site adds 4 clips and 4 small pic sets every week. If you love real British spanking and the sound and the sight of a birch rod striking a man's bottom, do yourself a favor - visit British Discipline.

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