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The British Boys Fetish Club tour shows lots of twenty-something, slim lads getting their bare asses spanked with a variety of implements like straps, wooden paddles, canes, and of course, a man's hand. The guys are slender and largely smooth and appear to be in their early twenties. Many of the guys haven't grown out of their boyish looks, and as such, are twinks (or pretty close), while others have more athletic bodies and look a bit older, but still under 24 years of age. And while the site would have us expect British guys, there are Eastern European lads, as well. Either way, when we see cocks, they're mostly uncut.

In some of the British productions the spanker is a handsome daddy in his forties who's in good shape while in the other productions I saw a variety of men including a bear with a belly. But in these videos there's also a lot of peer spanking, so these aren't all daddy-boy spankings; you'll see guys getting walloped by guys their own age or just a few years older.

One lad came home from doing his errands and tried short-changing his British daddy, so he was bent over the kitchen table and strapped. Another lad was reading with his feet up on the table so he was ordered to strip, then he was taken over daddy's knee for a bare-assed hand spanking. This daddy knows what he's doing, and you can tell that spanking young bums is his passion. Cal is a handsome lad with a strong, athletic body and tattoo sleeves, and he's sporting a big uncut cock. His arrogance has been reported to the daddy (I think his name is Tony) so Cal gets spanked with a wooden paddle. Sometimes Cal gets a good swat, sometimes just a pat, and other times, barely a touch - Tony had Cal guessing and twitching, as he never knew what was coming next.

The Eastern European productions I found a bit more on the severe side, and that's because there was a lot of peer spanking with inexperienced guys unacquainted with the nuance between a good spanking and a severe beating. Still, there were some daddies and uncle types in these videos who know how to spank a guy's ass. These videos also stray away from corporal punishment and give us a bit of cock play, too. One young spanker got his dick sucked for a couple of minutes before taking the lad over his knee. In another scene, a doctor gives his patient a walloping then orders him to give him a sperm sample and watches the lad jack off and cum in a specimen bottle. Another guy measures his soft cock, then after getting spanked, he re-measured his hard cock, then unloads his nuts on the kitchen floor.

There are ten spanking categories: belt, birch, brush, cane, carpet beater, hand, paddle, strap, tawse, and other. There are also three foot-fetish categories, but there are only ten tickling videos there. And there's also a sex category with solo, duo and group subcategories, but there's only one video here even though there's plenty of masturbation elsewhere on the site. Most of the videos - 265 of them - are found in the hand section.

When we reviewed the site back in April 2011 there were 300 videos, now there are 529 videos, but I need to explain this a bit. There is no page where you can scroll through all of the videos; you'll have to browse through the video using a dropdown category menu where you can select belt, cane, and eight other spanking implements, then the videos in that category are displayed. While sometimes a guy is spanked with both a hand and a hair brush, it does not appear that that video would be listed in 2 categories.

The videos are available for download and come mostly in WMV format. The oldest play at 720x576 and the newest at 1920x1080. Occasionally a scene is offered as an MP4 file that plays at 1280x720, but this doesn't happen a lot, mainly just a few of the newer releases. The videos range from average to good quality and have sound. The videos are offered to stream, as well, but I couldn't watch them in Chrome because the site uses an outdated plugin that Chrome no longer supports. I had to switch to Firefox and was prompted to activate a web version on my usual video player. It was a simple click and the videos played fine at 720x406 or 720x540. There is a full-screen mode, which had varying results depending on the age of the video being played.

The site adds a video at least 4 times a month, sometimes more, but not at regular intervals - often there will be updates added every 3 to 4 days, sometimes once a week or every 8 days. Also only a few categories are being updated; the hand spanking section is getting the most new videos, while the birch and carpet beater sections have not been updating in quite some time. There have been 229 videos added in a little over 4 years, averaging about one update per week.

It appears that British Boys Fetish Club has changed their theme to some degree, as a lot of the videos are Eastern European productions and don't offer us subtitles when there is dialogue. Are there any other drawbacks here? Well, the tour offers sample pics, but there aren't any inside, and there's the issue of the WMV's not working in the streaming player on all browsers, but at least you can download them. And I'd be so much happier if the site was organized differently.

The content at British Boys Fetish Club is true to the spanking niche and even gives us some cock play here and there. Some of these men know how to get a lad squirming across his knee. I also enjoyed the variety of implements used to punish these lads and their hot little asses. While there were lots of hand spankings, there were a good number of strapping and caning sessions, as well as spankings with hair brushes, paddles, and even carpet beaters. And while not all the guys are British, there's 529 videos here and at least 4 monthly updates to keep you squirming for the length of your membership.

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