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Today we're reviewing one of Chris Geary's sites. This British business man owns a go-go boy agency and runs several British-themed adult sites - Bristol Boy is one of them. Bristol is a city with quite a big gay scene and of course a lot of horny Brit lads. The men on Bristol Boy are muscular and straight (acting) amateurs. Most guys are in their twenties, but some are a little older. There is a good mix when it comes to races and skin colors, and something I like is that the models on the site actually reflect the males who live in Bristol. Most of the men in the site are average to good looking, but there are some very handsome and well-built guys, too.

The site claims that the guys have filmed themselves. You will see them stroking their - mostly uncut - cocks in their own environments, which gives the videos a nice amateur feel. Some of them are pretty hung, by the way - always a plus. While the majority of the guys appear solo, stripping, showering, posing and jerking off. There are also some videos in which you see two or more guys and there are even a few guys who have filmed themselves with a girl.

There's actually a bit of everything here; solo guys, buddies jerking off together, guys who get a helping hand, erotic massages, muscle worship and you will even find some sucking and fucking in a couple of the vids. If you enjoy seeing what straight and muscular amateurs do in their own homes, then read on as I will tell you what's inside the members area.

When you first enter the Bristol Boy member's area, it feels like you've just traveled back in time. The design is very plain and simple, and it looks like the site was designed in the '90s. It IS easy to use, however, which is always nice. There are currently 78 videos inside the member's area available in different sizes and formats. The WMVs are available in four quality levels, and there are four different qualities of Real Player vids. The videos are not protected by DRM, which means that once you have downloaded the videos, they are yours to keep and you can keep playing them forever.

The largest WMV size plays at 640x480 or 720x400, while the largest Real vids are sized a little bigger at 740x560 or 890x560. The videos are of amateur quality to fairly good amateur quality, and some of the videos (probably the oldest ones) look like they have been recorded a while ago. I couldn't say, since I have no idea when the site was launched; also the scenes are not dated nor is there an update schedule, so there's no way to tell if and how often this site updates with new content.

Each video comes with a set of screencaps. Sets contain between 50 and 250 pictures on average. Unfortunately, quite a lot of the screencaps are a bit dark and rather blurry. Especially the older updates show pictures of low quality. The size of the pictures varies from anywhere between 640x480 to 1026x578, and there are no features like slideshows or zip files, but you can download each pic individually.

Something I liked is the site's "always online" live webcam. The first time I viewed the stream, it showed a very muscular guy oiling his body in a rubber bath on a rooftop. Another time, there were guys on a couch with a laptop, including a very well-built man. And just now, I found a hunk eating with only a jockstrap on, while another shirtless bodybuilder talked to us and checked the laptop. The catch is that three of us tried to use the chat feature, and all we got is an error. It could be chatters must be in certain countries or there could be some other problem, but without functioning live chat, there's no way to tell if the live stream is actually live.

The site does have a few issues and the biggest is that is that the scenes are not dated and there is no update schedule, which makes it hard to know whether the site is still updating, and if it is, there's no way to tell how frequently new content is being added. I got a pop-up when exiting the join page, but it was easy to close. Something that bothered me is that the site is very outdated. The design, the way links open new windows and the way content is delivered could use some work. Also I missed some features common to modern websites, such as streaming videos, pic to pic navigation and downloadable zip files.

Bristol Boy offers handsome and muscular British guys getting naked, showering, posing and jerking off in their own environment. There are also some videos of guys playing naked twister, helping each other to get off, and some of them have sex with women. Many of the performers have big uncut cocks, which is a plus. And the live cam shows, which run all day, are entertaining and sexy. Unfortunately both navigation and appearance are outdated and I was disappointed that the chat for the live feed didn't work. Also, the quality of some of the videos and photos could use some work. Still, Bristol Boy delivers the goods if you love straight, muscular men from the UK as much as I do.

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