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BriTwinks is a brand new porn site featuring British twinks and guys in their early to mid-twenties. These horny lads get together in suck and fuck duos and blow their loads all over each other - they particularly like creaming cute faces. This site is produced by the guys who bring us YeSirBoys, a twink rough sex and BDSM site. BriTwinks is the vanilla younger brother, but that doesn't make the action any less dirty. Why not join me as I check this one out.

Most of the guys on BriTwinks are 18 and 19 years, but there are a handful who are a little older like Mickey Taylor, Luke Tyler and Sam Syron at 24, 25 and 26 years old respectively. There are a few other guys I recognized like Claude Nikotine, Johannes Lars, Dylan Blake and Ollie Blue, but the rest were fresh faces for me. The guys range from typical twinks, boyish with slim and smooth bodies to guys with more athletic physiques, but none that I'd say are muscular. Some of the performers have tattoos, but most don't, and most are clean shaven. With British guys comes foreskin, so uncut cock fans will be happy here.

The majority of the scenes are guy-on-guy action, but one fourway did catch my eye. It's called "Swap My Boyfriend" and features two pairs of lovers lounging around and relaxing until one couple starts kissing. Before you know it, both couples are kissing and sucking dick, and each top fucks his lover, then they swap and the tops fuck the others' boyfriend. When they've all had their fill of dick and ass, three of the lads stand over the fourth and shower their cum loads on his pretty face. There's another threeway and one solo jack-off video, but the rest of the scenes are duos, and they're a mix of bareback and condom sex.

Most of the scenes have the guys get right into the sex with no storyline or set-up. A couple of the boys are necking on a couch and peel out of their clothes or a blond guy is between his lover's legs and kisses the guy's crotch through his shorts. But sometimes there's a bit of a story like "Who's the Boss?" that features Luke Tyler desperate for a bartending job but he's botched up the training, so he's willing to do anything to make the boss Koby Lewis happy.

BriTwinks just opened at the end of November 2017 with a dozen videos. They come in MP4 format, and the downloads are offered in four sizes from 854x480 to 1920x1080 plus a 4K version that plays at 3840x2160 at nearly 10 Mbps. The videos are good quality with crisp picture and sound, and the action is shot from multiple angles. You can also stream the videos in two sizes at 854x480 and 1280x720. There's a third size that's 1920x1080 that'll adapt to your screen size; on my monitor it played at 1500x844. Those smaller versions are great for mobiles and those extra large videos do spectacularly well in full-screen mode.

Most episodes have two sets of pictures; a set of digital stills sized at 1280x720 and a screencap gallery displaying pics at 3840x2160, but in both cases they are resized to fit in your browser window. (Three videos only have a screencap gallery.) The pictures display in a viewer complete with forward and back controls and a hands-free slideshow and you can save the pictures individually if you like. There are also three zip files for each photo set, each offering a different picture size with the largest being 1600x900.

Let's talk about issues. The BriTwinks tour says they update weekly, but the episodes aren't dated, so I can't confirm this. And of course, since the site is brand new, it's too soon to check update frequency anyway. As I mentioned earlier, this site is the project of the guys behind YeSirBoys, an edgy twink site, and roughly half of the videos appear on both sites, which leaves about half of them exclusive to BriTwinks. Each model has a bio page that shows his age and preferred sexual position along with whatever videos he has on the site. Unfortunately there's no other information about the guys.

One last thing I want to let you know about is that this is another of those sites where you can choose either a streaming-only membership or one that includes downloads. The streaming membership is cheaper than the one with downloads - just be sure you choose the membership you want when signing up.

The performers on BriTwinks are quite cute and horny, and I enjoyed watching them suck and fuck in the site's 12 videos. The producer cares about his videos, and he films in a somewhat artistic style, which I found refreshing. The production values are good and I appreciated the variety of video sizes, especially those super-sized 4K versions and the smaller size for my phone. If BriTwinks sticks to its weekly update schedule, it'll grow quickly. The site gets a mostly thumbs up from me, and it's worth checking out.

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