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Brent Everett is a Canadian guy who started his porn career in 2003. Back then, at the age of 18, he was considered a twink, however he has become too muscular and obviously too mature to be considered a twink. The word hunk would fit him much better nowadays. He’s one of the most popular porn stars of this century and has won several big awards, including multiple awards for performer of the year.

Nowadays Brent is not only a successful performer, as he also owns his own DVD distribution company and membership site. On the site Brent Everett, you will find a mix of Brent Everett's movies and other videos in which his buddies appear. The videos in which Brent appear are mostly solo videos, but there are some hardcore duos and threesomes, too. While Brent is versatile, he often performs as a top and he sure knows how to use that thick 8 1/2 inch dick!

His scene partners and the guys that appear in the “buddy” videos are fit, good-looking guys in their twenties and early thirties, and quite a few of them are sporting big dicks. His buddies are both amateurs and professional porn stars and they definitely seem to enjoy themselves. The action here varies from jacking off to cock sucking and intense anal sessions. The many huge cum shots are worth a mention, too.

The videos are listed under two categories; Brent’s Area and Buddies Area. At the time of this review the site hosts 323 videos, 217 of which are in Brent’s Area and the remaining 106 videos can be found in the Buddies Area. While only the latest videos are dated, it seems updates are consistent with one new scene every week.

The newer videos on the site are offered in three different download sizes; good amateur quality WMVs video that play at 960x528 and two smaller MP4 videos at 720x400 and 480x272. The last two play well on most mobile devices including iPhone and iPod. You can also watch the videos online in a streaming Flash player. Older videos are being offered as downloadable WMV at 960x544 or as streaming Quicktime videos at 855x480 and in MP4 at 480x268. These streaming videos play directly in your web browser and the visuals and audio are of fairly good amateur quality.

The oldest videos on the site can only be downloaded in one WMV size and cannot be watched online. These play at 320x240 and unfortunately the quality isn’t that good, as many of them are grainy and with a lot of noise. The videos are listed by age with the latest videos at the beginning. There is no way to sort the videos in any different order and there is no search function available.

Every video comes with a short write-up, which is written by Brent himself, and it is nice to see that he adds some personality to the site. There is a set of vid caps for every scene. The images show at 780x440 and are good amateur quality. You can watch the pictures in a hands-free slideshow and there’s a possibility to download entire sets in a zip file.

There is a link from inside the members area to Brent’s personal blog, which is hosted outside of the members area and is also accessible for non-members. I love how Brent adds a lot of personality to his blog with private pictures and videos from his holidays. Brent does live webcam shows for his members from time to time, however you would need to check the calendar to see when the next live show comes up. At this time, no shows are scheduled.

There are 44 picture-only updates which are listed on a separate page. Then there is a link to a detailed “about” page with a lot of information and statistics about Brent Everett as well as an overview of the work he has done so far. There’s also a link that leads to the “Buy Brent” store in which he sells self-made artwork, sex toys and clothing.

There are two main issues here. First of all, the sorting/browsing options are pretty poor, as you can’t search through the videos or sort them in the way you like. Furthermore, some of the oldest videos are rather small, unclear and have a lot of noise in them. Also it would be more convenient if updates were dated more clearly and I am missing information on how regular members can expect to see the live shows.

Brent Everett is a porn legend and one of the most popular porn stars of this century, and for good reason. He cares a lot about his fans and tries to add a personal touch to his membership site. With a total of 323 videos, matching picture sets and quite a lot of bonus stuff, members get value for money. Sites that focus on just one porn star are often kind of boring, but thanks to the videos of his buddies, this site offers a lot of variety. Sound good? Why not have a look at the free tour and see what Brent has to offer?

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