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Boyz Shop is an online store featuring lots of sex toys. When you first hit the store, you're greeted with a homepage that offers several hot deals that are flanked by a left-side navigation bar, and on the right are some of their biggest selling categories like huge toys, cock rings, dildos, new items, specials and strict leather.

There's also a great section called "First Time Buyer Special" where you can pick up selected items for one cent. When I visited the store they were offering The Vibrating Silver Bullet for your ass, a cock ring and some erection enhancer tablets. And you could add any one of those items, but not all, to your shopping cart.

When you find an item you like, a click takes you to a detail page where you get a big picture and a description. One thing that I really like about Boyz Shop is that they have a number of pictures for many of their products. Take the Rogue Erection Enhancer and Prostate Vibrator, for example, when you see it photographed on a white background you'll think, "What the hell do I do with that?" But Boyz Shop solves the problem by including six pictures, and five of them show a model in various stages of using the item. And as I went through the pictures I thought, "Okay, I get it now". I found these pictures terribly helpful. And the other hot thing is that you'll recognize a lot of the models as Boyz Shop ships their products to gay porn sites so their performers can show us how to use and have fun with these toys. Not all of the products have these kinds of pictures, but a lot do, and for those that don't, well, a dildo is pretty self explanatory.

Each product on the site gives a thorough description of the item and lists any special features and usually offers lube suggestions and clean-up details, if applicable. They also offer a related item area on each product page, so you can find similar toys. And finally, there are comments from customers who have bought and used these products. At first I thought these were all planted comments because the first few I read were of the "OMG! This is great, I shot buckets of cum" variety, but as I dug deeper into the site, I found negative comments, too. A number of buyers had problems with a particular set of electro penis bands, and not only did the site display their negative and problem comments, but offered comments, hints and reminded users of the 30-day warranty on defective products. I thought this was quite good.

Boyz Shop offers a wide variety of products: all kinds of insertable sex toys (dildos, butt plugs, etc), bondage equipment, cock rings, electro sex gear, fucking machines, masturbation toys, penis jewelry and pumps, S&M toys and gear, furniture, and a lot more.

Your items will be shipped in a plain brown box and discretely billed by a numbered company on your credit card statement. The company also does not send out paper mail to its customers, so there's no fear that your postman is going to be handing you a dildo catalog.

Boyz Shop uses UPS to ship your order, but you have the option to send items to a post office box via the postal service. Canadian and international customers should realize that there may be additional customs and duty taxes payable when your order arrives. And it is possible customs officials may seize any products they feel infringe on local laws.

I found the design of Boyz Shop a little bland: the entire site is on a white background and I didn't find it kept me engaged or displayed the products well. But the site itself works well, stuff is easy to find, and the descriptions of the items for sale are pretty comprehensive. I have reviewed a few sex toy stores now, and honestly if I were in the market for some new sex toys I would most likely buy them from Boyz Shop simply because I appreciated their detailed product pictures. I have thought many times about buying a combo cock ring with an insertable piece that goes in my ass, but when I've seen these things on other sites, I couldn't really visualized how they worked and that put me off, but Boyz Shop's detailed pictures walked me through the product so I knew how to use it. Boyz Shop isn't the slickest design I've seen, but when it comes down to does it work and does it help me understand the products, it gets a big yes; coupled with the visibility of both positive and negative comments, this site's a winner.

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