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Boys on Edge is a new site, although I'm not sure why it's called Boys on Edge. The guys might be on edge because most of them identify as straight, but they're not particularly edgy in the daringly innovative sense of the dictionary definition, nor is this a site about bringing a guy to the brink of cumming over and over. Well, let's get inside and see what this site is all about.

The guys here are between 18 and 23 years of age, but they don't fit neatly in a category like twinks or jocks. Marc Morrison has shaggy Bieberesque hair with big spacers in his ears, and he's sporting a "live love die" tattoo across his chest. He's slender and completely smooth with untrimmed pubes. Dillon Anderson is also lean but his body is hard, and he's wearing a lot more ink. He's packing a big dick and hefty low hangers. Scrappy is a bleach blond and he is a twink. He's pretty with manicured eyebrows and he's fairly well hung. TJ Hancock is the only black guy on the site; he's got a slim body with a bit of chest hair, and he's sporting an eight-inch cock. And Blake Barnes is the most muscular guy out of the bunch, but he has more of a swimmer's build than a bodybuilder's. He's blond, good looking and wears a bit of scruff on his chin.

The rest of the guys are a mix of average to cute guys. Some look like bad boys, others skaters and still others look like regular guys you'd find on a college campus or hanging around with their buddies playing video games or shooting baskets. Most of the guys have a tattoo or two, others have quite a bit of ink. They're mostly smooth, and aside from a couple of scruffy chins, they're clean shaven. Not all the guys are straight - a couple identify as gay or bisexual, and there are a couple of Marines in the ranks.

Two-thirds of the videos are solos with the guys jacking their dicks and a few of them also play with sex toys, vibrators or anal beads. And the sessions here are creative. One guy talks with a phone-sex buddy, another gets horned up by doing a home workout, and another gets off watching one of his own duo scenes. The other third of the videos are duos. In one scene two guys are arm wrestling for $100 and "you'll do me a favor," says the one guy. The loser is shocked to realize that the favor is a handjob, but he needs no coaxing to start licking his buddy's dick, and he ends up getting fucked, apparently for the first time.

Another couple of guys are playing air hockey and one ups the ante to some loser-sucks-the-winner stakes. In a third movie, dark-haired Bruno Torrence wakes up from a nap to see his ginger dorm mate Mickey O'Brien asleep in his underwear. Bruno strokes his own dick for a bit, then crawls into Mickey's bed and quietly sucks his cock. When Mickey wakes he sneers at first, but his buddy's mouth feels so good that he rubs his head. After swapping blowjobs, Mickey mounts his roommate and rides his dick, backwards, so they don't have to look at each other.

There are 29 exclusive videos inside Boys on Edge, and they're offered to stream in MP4 format. They play at 950x540 at good amateur videos, well-lit with good sound. You can opt to watch them at full screen and the videos don't suffer much quality loss. The videos played on my Android phone, and they looked good, but I was unable to switch from HD to SD, which I would have liked to do. Unfortunately if you want to download any of the videos, they'll cost you extra. Solos cost around $8 and duos run from $10 to $14 each. The downloads come in three sizes of MP4 (1280x770, 960x540, 854x480) although I didn't download any of them because our membership didn't include downloads.

There are 54 picture sets. Each video comes with a gallery called "Video Preview" that offers a couple dozen screencaps showing key parts of the action. These are good quality and large, displaying at 1418x798 or so. You can flip through these using the forward and back controls but you can't save any of them. There are also 25 proper picture galleries in a Photos section, and these offer digital stills that display nicely in the browser window at around 860x570. Again, you can browse through these, but there's no hands-free slideshow. You can save the pics individually, and they're massive pictures sized at around 3963x2642 or better. Unfortunately there's no downloadable zip files.

The site has added five updates in the past four and a half weeks, so it seems that they're now adding an update once a week. There are no episode dates that I can find, so I can't confirm how often the site adds new content.

Are there any drawbacks? A couple. One annoying aspect of this site is that a e-mail subscription box pops up on every page you visit on the tour. And even if you enter an email address to subscribe or click "no thanks" the damned thing pops up again on the next page. As I already mentioned screencaps that accompany the videos can't be saved, but the pics in the Photos section can, although they are gigantic and don't even fit on my 26-inch monitor. But they look great when they shrink to fit your screen.

The most impressive thing about Boys on Edge is that it's adding two new videos a week, which is good for a new site. The 18-to 23-year-old guys here are generally appealing (some, like Scrappy and Bruno, are super cute) with mostly slim and smooth bodies, a variety of dick sizes, and a willingness to explore their sexuality. There are more solos than duos, but ten of the videos featured fun and enthusiastic two-guy sessions, and I really enjoyed the loser-does-the-winner competitions. The site now updates once a week, and with 29 videos that you can stream on your computer and your mobile plus picture galleries, there's plenty to enjoy at Boys on Edge.

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