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Boys Fox has been around for a little less than two years, but we only just got wind of it. It's a part of a three site network that features very cute European twinks in solo and hardcore action. The tour says these experienced boys are eager sexual explorers, and we can watch them enjoying sex toys, fingering butt holes and sharing bareback pleasures. Sounds hot, so let's head inside.

The guys here range from 18 to 21 years of age, and they're smooth and slender twinks to defined, athletic jocks. The boys are Eastern Europeans - Czech, I think - but there could be other Slavs, as well - the profiles don't specify where the guys are from. I found most of them to be cute and boyish twinks, and if you like blonds you'll be in heaven here as there are heaps of them. You won't find a lot of tattoos here, and the guys tend to keep their pubic areas trimmed or shaved. And since Europeans generally sport uncut cocks, foreskin fans will be pretty happy. Every performer has a profile page, and some of these have a stats area and description of his background and sexual likes as well as other past times, but many just have stats detailing his age, height, weight, hair and eye color, dick size and sexual orientation.

There are 38 videos of twinks sucking and fucking in duos and these are all bareback sessions. The guys play around in bedrooms and living rooms and after kissing, sucking, and rimming, they take big uncut dicks up their bare holes. Some of the sessions end with guys cumming on assholes or butt cheeks, but there are some facial cumshots, and of course, guys exploding on their smooth bellies. And there are 13 solos, as well, where aside from simply jerking their cocks, these creamy boys usually play with sex toys, either cock pumps, dildos or butt plugs.

There are 51 exclusive videos at Boys Fox available in MP4 format. The newer videos are good quality, bright and crisp, and they're offered for download in three sizes at 854x480, 1280x720 and 1920x1080; the older ones come in a single SD size at 720x404, but don't worry - the older ones are still enjoyable. Good news is that the smaller and SD videos are mobile compatible. You can stream the videos at 1244x700, and again the newer episodes come in three speeds, including a full HD version, while the older ones are an SD that ends up being a little grainy. Otherwise they play well on full-streaming servers and you can jump ahead easily. There's a full-screen option, and the higher speeds play best.

There are also 67 picture galleries. Each of the newest episodes have a gallery of good quality screencaps, although there may be some digital stills, as well. A few of the older scenes don't have galleries. There are also some solo model sets of guys who may or may not appear in the videos. Their pics display at 1280x853 in a viewer with a slideshow feature, but you can browse the pictures one at a time using forward and back controls. Most sets have 100 pictures, more or less, and you can save them individually or download sets in zip file. If saving them one at a time though, note that they all download with the same name, so you'll want to change the file name; otherwise you'll continually overwrite the previous picture you saved.

Logging into Boys Fox takes you to a network homepage where you'll find content from three sites - this one and two other twinks sites, and you get access to all three of them. You can browse the content in the order it's been added or you can sort it by site. There's a good selection of categories that will help you find specific types of guys like blonds or redheads or certain types of action like dildo sex or cum eating. Each video also has a number of tags that will help you find more similar content, and each model's profile page lists all of his videos available on the network.

Boys Fox itself updates once or twice a month, and there's no set schedule as in a specific date or day of week. But the other two network sites also add new content, so you'll end up with around eight or nine new videos every month. And the guys and action in all three sites is almost so similar that they might as well be in the same site, so those bonus site updates will definitely hit the spot.

It's mostly a good news scenario with Boys Fox, but there are a few things I should mention. If you buy a trial membership you'll be limited to lower quality streams; high-quality streaming and downloads are reserved for full members. But Boys Fox gets full marks for detailing everything on the join page, it's all outlined beside each pricing option, which is terribly refreshing. Also the non-recurring monthly membership costs $10 more than the recurring version. You will have to continually re-sort the videos as you move through the site to make sure you're seeing only Boys Fox videos, aothough if you don't care then you can just watch the videos as they come. I did find the videos slow to download, especially when I tried downloading more than one at a time.

Boys Fox rings my bell in a number of ways. The 18 to 21 year old European boys are really cute, as well as slender to athletic, smooth and uncut, which is a big plus since I'm a foreskin lover. I also loved all the sucking and bareback fucking, and most of the videos feature hardcore sex. And while there are a handful of solos, they include toy play. This site offers 51 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and while updates are only added once to twice a month, the network offers a total of 166 videos and around eight new videos monthly so there's plenty to keep you entertained. But the thing I liked the best are the very hot and horny Euro twinks that Boys Fox and the entire network offer.

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