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Boys Collection offers a mix of twinks, jocks and other horny amateurs in their twenties. They are European guys who range from average next-door types to super cuties; you'll find smooth and slender twinks, scruffy club boys and skaters, some athletic guys who obviously spend some time working out and lots of "regular dudes". Some of the models don't shave their pubic hair or asses, although there are plenty who do. And since these are Euro guys, pretty much all the cocks here are uncut, and some are nicely large.

The action is a mix of solos and hardcore gay sex. The hardcore is mostly duos, although there are a few hot threesomes including some spit roasting. The guys suck dicks and there is some 69 action. Some of the twinks get it on in the shower, wet and naked, where others pound tight ass on the couch or in a bed. There's some assplay and facial cumshots. And some of the newer and most of the older vids feature guys who go solo, doing a slow strip, showing off their dicks and asses till they jack off for the camera.

Boys Collection offers 71 videos, and these do seem to be exclusive. Most of the videos are offered in WMV format, although the oldest are AVIs, and sizes range a lot. One of the medium-aged videos I downloaded was sized at 1280x720, yet one of the newest ones is only 320x240, another is 640x480 and still another at 400x304. At their original sizes, the videos are good amateur quality, but the problem with this is that a 320x240 video is too small to enjoy at its original size; if your player supports it, you might try watching the smaller ones at 200%. While some of the vids link to streaming players, none of those players would stream videos for me.

Perhaps to make the site seem larger than it is, the video section lists the newer clips separately from the full scenes, and sometimes the clips from a single video can be broken into two to four separate listings, so some newer videos can actually be listed up to five times. Each older videos is only listed once, but each video's page can have anywhere from a single clip to over 30 short clips for a single scene.

There are also 318 picture sets. Some of these are average to good amateur quality digital stills, sizes ranging from 768x1024 to 1200x1600 depending on the set. Other sets contain decent quality screencaps sized at 1024x576 or 1200x675. All pic sets can be viewed as hands-free slideshows or downloaded as zip files. There are anywhere from 26 to over 250 pictures per set.

Members get access to six bonus sites from the same network - well, let me clarify. There are 15 bonus sites listed on the tour, but only six listed in the member area; I found that my login worked on all 15 sites, but I had to type in the urls of each of the nine bonus sites not listed on the bonus page. The bonus sites include twink sites, a gay toon site, a couple interracial sites and a couple gay hardcore sites. While none of these sites update, they still add more videos for members. There's also a collection of gay stories.

Now let's discuss issues. There are no updates as the site last updated in 2009. The large number of ads on many of the pages can be quite distracting; above the video and pic listings and the galleries are three banners plus a row of buttons, all animated and flashing, and there are more ads at the page bottoms. The first link on the bonus page isn't a bonus site at all but a link to a third-party live chat site that, if clicked, leads to a page packed with women, not men, and the link to "138 free sites" doesn't work and hasn't in years. The tour exaggerates the number of models inside, and - as already mentioned - the way the videos are listed makes the site seem bigger than it is. And I do with the the vids sized smaller than 640x480 could be enlarged to that size.

Boys Collection gets a mixed review from me. On the one hand, there are lots of slender to athletic Euro guys, some hung and all uncut, in a variety of solo stroking and hardcore sucking and fucking action. The 71 videos are downloadable, although not offered or mobile devices and the streaming didn't work for me; some - although not all - are quite small. There are plenty of picture sets, too. The catch is that the site hasn't updated in years and appears to have been abandoned by its owners. Still, there are 15 bonus sites, although only six are linked from the member area, that don't update, either. While I wish the videos were bigger and that the site had a lot less ads, Boys Collection offers horny twinks and amateurs sucking and fucking or jerking off on camera, but be sure to read the caveats before joining.

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