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Straight Czech guys are the victims at Boys Abuse. The title is a bit of a play on words as the site is about the abuse that these ordinary amateur guys from the street suffer, and it's also about the boys who abuse them. But you do get to see a lot of the poor straight guys who are duped into appearing in the scenes and clips. These guys are a mix with some being well muscled and gym fit, smooth and pretty horny looking, with uncut cocks and smooth nuts, and others being average guys who aren't great looking and aren't too well maintained. There are a couple of 18-year-old twinks in there too, looking innocent but keen, until things turn nasty, and each guy does have the appearance of being straight from the street (another play on words). They all look totally taken by surprise when the tables get turned.

The guys behind Boys Abuse either go out onto the streets of Prague and stop a random straight guy and persuade him to audition for a straight porn movie, or they put up adverts recruiting guys to appear in straight porn videos. Either way, they get one of their victims back to their rooms and interview him. You don't see the guys behind the cameras very often, though you hear their thickly accented voices; all very East European and villainous-sounding, but spoken in English.

These interviews are pretext that's brief and a little bit odd at times. English is spoken but is not the first language. 'You want to make straight porn, you suck my dick. This is how we test you for straight porn'. The poor str8 chap looks a bit surprised and then finds himself being pulled around, sometimes roughly, and having to suck cock. Sometimes he gets he ass felt up, there are clips where the guy gets pegs on his balls and someone cums on his face, there are sometimes two or more guys and a general party atmosphere, and occasionally a cute guy will get stripped naked, fucked with a dildo (though vegetables also feature) and someone will cum on his chest. It's kind of varied action in that respect, but always with humiliation going on as the guys get tricked and used.

There are 18 videos in the Boys Abuse members area, all offered in Flash format for both the downloads and the streams. Each video runs between five and 12 minutes and there is no DRM in use. Downloads can be played in a suitable player at 640x480, and the streaming screen size online was at 600x400 with no full-screen option. These are amateur, hand-held videos, and they look it, but quality is decent amateur and so is the sound, though at some points the camera is moving too fast and things get blurred.

There is no info about the videos apart from a small write-up to introduce the guy and the action, and you are usually told the straight guy's age. There's no update news and the site was reported to have had 15 videos in 2012, so it looks like updates are more than slow, to say the least.

Each scene comes with 14 images and these are found beneath the video player. Click one to open it and you find good-sized, good amateur quality images sized at up at 1438x952, again these specs can vary but images were large and usually sharp and clear, and while they're all horizontal, they seem to be digital stills. There are no slideshows or zip file downloads, but you can save individual pictures, and each set does a good job of previewing the action.

Boys Abuse is purely about its own content, so there are no bonuses. The design is simple to the point of giving you 18 pages, one per movie, and each one looks the same. You simply click a "Continue" link to move to the next video. There is no home page as such and no way to get back to the start of the video list other than to use your back button. Should you have any trouble there is an email link to use, but that's about the only extra on the site.

So, plenty of issues to talk about. The biggest issue for me is the apparently lack of updates. The site has added three videos in three years, so although there are no updates dates, it's probably safe to say the site has stopped updating. I wasn't thrilled that the downloadable videos are in Flash format, as some members may have to download a player for Flash (try VLC Media Player). I also wish the streaming vids could be enlarged to full screen. And then there's no features - favorites function, no rates, comments or interactivity, no site menu, no gallery viewing tools, but simply the on-niche videos.

But, for all its faults, Boys Abuse does stick to its promised niche. You do have some good looking, some cute and some average looking Czech boys, and they do get abused, sometimes by three guys at once. There's a range of degradation from verbal abuse and face slapping (with hands and vegetables) to anal insertions (with vegetables) to mild BDSM. There are even some force-fuck moments and plenty of cumshots where the "interviewers" shoot their loads on the poor, bewildered straight guy. It works on that level, but has many drawbacks. That's probably why the site is set as such a low price. The site is small, but for the price of a one-month membership, there's not a lot to lose and 18 exclusive abuse videos to gain.

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