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Boyfriend Nudes is one of the original user-submitted content sites, and they claim the content is homemade stuff from guys like you and me. The guys are all over the map; you'll find twinks, jocks, muscle hunks, bears, daddies, Asian guys, black dudes, and Latinos. You'll find young guys in their early twenties and daddies in their fifties. You'll find every body type and cock size imaginable; most of the guys are in decent shape and appear to be in their twenties and thirties. And Boyfriend Nudes really does feature mostly amateur guys, but I've seen some of the content on other amateur sites like this.

Most of the action is masturbation with guys sitting back in their chairs or lying on their beds and stroking one out. Sometimes they're in the kitchen or the bathroom. And there's something about homemade sessions that makes guys want to show off with all the things they can shove up their asses on camera; I saw dildos, butt plugs, cucumbers, flashlights, bananas, and a few other things filling amateur asses. But there's a fair bit of sex, too, with guys sucking dick or getting fucked on camera.

There are 2,197 videos inside Boyfriend Nudes, which means the site has added over a thousand videos in the past two years. The downloads are available in a single size of MP4 and range from 320x240 to 640x462, but there may be additional sizes; most are small enough to play on any mobile that plays MP4s. The streaming videos play at 640x360 in an embedded player. These are homemade, cam, or amateur-style videos, so some are okay quality with decent lighting and image clarity, while others have lighting issues or may not be centered in frame or have other issues like guys kicking the camera with their foot or even falling off the bed. Yes, I saw that. But I found most of the videos, while on the small size and sometimes lacking clarity, were good enough quality to enjoy.

There are also 2,284 pictures galleries, and again, these are mostly amateur pictures that come in all different sizes from 320x240 to 1200x1600, and they've been taken with a variety of equipment. So expect everything and anything when it comes to size and quality. Some galleries have four pictures and others have 24. Some of the pictures are full-body nudes with heads, others are just cock shots. Some of the pictures are taken by other people, others are selfies snapped with cell phones or cams. And most of the galleries are a mix of pics of different people in different locations.

The good news is that Boyfriend Nudes has started updating again; they've added 1,250 videos since our last review just over two years ago. At that time we said the site had stopped adding new content, and they had, but now they add a new video almost every day. They miss some days and double up on others, so there's always something new for members to enjoy.

But everything isn't rosy with Boyfriend Nudes. There are a couple pre-checked offers on the billing page that will sign you up for two additional recurring memberships when you join this site. But if you're not interested, just untick them and you're good. Trial members pay $12 more per recurring month than the cost of a regular monthly membership, and trial memberships may give limited access. The site's tour claims that members have access to "our network of sites" and in another place says "15+ Sites," but instead, there's a DVD link on the members homepage leading to a third-party DVD library full of straight videos. If you're into straight sex as well as gay action, this could be a plus; if you're into solo guys and man-on-man action, this probably isn't going to do much for you.

As already mentioned, the content here is probably not actually user-submitted, as I've seen it on other sites; also some of the newer videos are watermarked to show they came from a live cam site. It's worth mentioning that I was unable to find the guys shown on the tour inside the members area. Maybe a few of them are hidden in there, but don't join expecting to see any particular models shown on the tour because you probably won't find them. And to be honest, the pics shown on the tour are better-lit and framed than most of what you'll find in the members area.

And last, let's talk about ads. The top of the members pages have six thumbs of guys, and these all lead to a live cam site, the same live cam site that the newer Boyfriend Nudes updates were sourced from. On the bottom and right side of the members home page and some other pages are more ads - this time, big-sized thumbs to catch the eye better, and for those who aren't careful, any of the ads could be mistaken for content but in reality they all lead off-site. And ready for even more ads? Every time you pause a streaming video, an ad will actually pop-up over the player.

Boyfriend Nudes offers horny amateurs in what appears to be homemade content. If you're looking for pretty people with ripped bodies in professionally produced videos, this isn't the site for you. But if you like a variety of guys and get turned on by exhibitionists showing you what fuels their horniness, this could be a good site. The chances are most of the content here isn't really user-submitted, or at least wasn't user-submitted to this site, but the guys are still real amateurs or cam models, not pro porn stars. The site updates almost every day and now offers over 2,100 videos and 2,200 picture galleries, so there's a lot here to keep members busy.

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