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Boyesque is a brand new site that's coming to us from Barcelona, Spain. The About page says "Boyesque is a Spanish brand for high-quality gay porn that stands out due to its sensuality, passion and thoughtful cinematography". The guys have certainly caught my eye and the sex is passionate, so I'm excited to get inside and see more of this new European site.

There are six guys currently featured on Boyesque: Alexis Belfort, Pietro del Toro, Max Kovacs, Malakai, Max Duro, and Jason Simmin. They appear to be in their twenties and they all have facial hair of one kind or another whether it's a sculpted goatee or a moustache and some chin scruff, and two of the guys have full beards. I can see why the site is called Boyesque because some of the guys are boyish looking but certainly well out of the realm of twinks. In fact, they're all sporting athletic bodies, each with a bit of fuzz on his chest, and most of them are wearing ink, and Pietro del Toro and Malakai are quite heavily tattooed and more masculine.

There's no information about the guys on the site, so I had to do a bit of digging. I've seen Alexis Belfort on other sites and his Twitter feed says that he's from Chile, lives in Germany, and has appeared on a few other European sites. Pietro del Toro is also based in Germany, but he's brand new so I couldn't find much about him except one other video for another company. Bearded hunk Max Duro is an established performer who has appeared on Kristen Bjorn and Cazzo Club while heavily tattooed Malakai has appeared on TIM Jack. Max Kovacs is a thin guy with a moustache and chin scruff who doesn't appear to have filmed anything in Pornland besides his scenes for this site. Jason Simmin has a full beard and he also brings up nothing in searches for any previous work. So there you go: three establish porn performers, another fairly new guy, and a couple of brand new studs just breaking into their first scenes.

The action takes place in a well-appointed bedroom with the guys kissing, sucking, and fucking bareback on the sheets. "Pietro and Alexis’ Sensual Encounter" opens with a rear view of Pietro del Toro standing at the edge of the bed; the camera pans up from his bare feet, past his hairy legs and thighs, until we see between Pietro's thighs that Alexis Belfort is sitting on the bed and he's blowing Pietro. The camera pans around and we get an eyeful of Alexis gulping Pierto's cock. The guys get on the bed for an extended kissing session, then more blowjob action in all kinds of positions. After rimming Alexis' ass, Pietro mounts him and slides his raw boner deep inside his ass. The scene ends with Pietro screwing Alexis on his back, and the bottom jerks his cock until he blows cum all over his stomach. This pushes Pietro over the edge and he unloads across Alexis' cummy abs. The other scenes follow a similar format with the guys taking their time and enjoying a passionate romp in the sack. They're quite a turn-on to watch.

Boyesque is has four videos available, and the site owners plans to add new content as they shoot it. The site doesn't offer a typical monthly membership option, but instead you purchase each video for €9.95. Once purchased, you can download the video in four different sizes and they're all in MP4 format. They're good quality videos that play at 640x360, 854x480, 1280x720 and 1920x1080, the largest being full HD and the best quality, nice and crisp. The others are good quality as well, and the smaller ones should play fine on your mobile device.

Each video also comes with a small picture gallery. One video has two pictures, the others have seven and eight. These are digital stills of the models taken before the action that display in various sizes like 946x1600 (portrait) and 1495x1200 (landscape). You can save the pictures individually if you'd like, but there's no downloadable zip. The picture viewer has forward and back controls but there's no hands-free slideshow option.

Are there any problems with the site? As mentioned, it's small with only four videos, and you have to buy each one separately, but if you buy two or more at the same time, you get a 20% discount. The prices are only given in Euros until you get to the billing page, where they are also listed in USD. Updates, as mentioned, won't be added on a particular schedule at this point, but since it's not a membership site, that shouldn't be a problem.

Boyesque is one of several new sites that's taking a more sensual and cinematographic approach to porn with guys taking their time in passionate sessions instead of racing for the money shot. The guys are into each other and the sex is hot to watch. This Spanish site is just getting off the ground, so it needs some time to grow, but the videos can be played on your desktop and mobiles, and whatever you buy is your to keep. I did like what I saw, and Boyesque is definitely one to check out and watch in the months ahead.

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