Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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The tour of Boy for Boy shows twinks and college boys in solo and hardcoer pics. The tour promises "Over 50,000 gay boy pics", "Thousands of hot boy video feeds" and claims to have "the hottest boys" as well as "the nastiset explicit action". I'd prefer more specifics about what we'll find inside the member area so I'm off to take a closer look at Boy for Boy and see how they stack up!

The Boy for Boy main member page has navigation links running across the page, and the first thing I noticed was that there were no videos listed in any way on that menu - just video feeds. A quick scan down the page showed links to 2 feeds, 2 live chat sites, 7 pic galleries and on the right side, a link to 2 sites - one called Gay Super Cocks and the other one was the site we're already in. Below are text links to 5 bonus sites including Boy for Boy and Gay Supercocks again plus a link to 20+ Gay Sites. At the very bottom of the page on the right are tiny customer support links.

The only self-hosted part of the site are the galleries. There are 6 of them - not a massive collection - all sets I've seen around before. All the sets are solo, and only one guy is a cute twink. The galleries open in a new window and the pics are actually pretty big - around 768x1024 and average or better quality.

There's a link to an ezine section in the menu, so I decided to try that first. The first ezine is called Ultimate Penis and when I clicked the link, I was taken to a page that said "Error : You are not allowed to enter." When I clicked the second ezine, the page said "A Security Violation Has Occurred". The fourth, fifth and sixth ezines gave me the same result, and the third one didn't answer, so I changed browsers but got the same result.

The interactive page had two listings - Man O Matic and Guyberfold. They seemed a little old school, but both worked. You can choose the guys you want to see and then see the bodyparts you like.

Next I came to the video feeds page featuring 5 feeds. I chose a feed called Twinks On Parade and when I clicked it, I got "Access Denied". It's begnning to look like someone at Boy for Boy forgot to pay the bills this month! Of the 5 feeds on the page, 3 denied me access and 2 worked - notably Cruiser Boys, which is a damned good feed.

The live page gave us 4 selections - one you must pay to get the guys to get nasty, one that said "The page cannot be displayed", one that never answered and one - the last one - that worked fine and had naked guys chatting on cam. And the last link in the menu, chat, has a single site listed. It's another one where you must pay to see the guys get nasty, but at least there was a good selection of men chatting.

The bonus sites on the bottom of the page is where the best part of the action here is. The reailty sites, Gay Hitchhiker and Super Twink, are small sites with smallish videos but they are exclusive and worth checking out. Anal Pals is mostly feeds but also has a good collection of pic sets plus stories. Giant Gay Cocks is pretty much the same as the site we're already in and last is a link to 20+ Gay Sites where you will find some worthwhile gay porn including euro twinks, fetish, asian guys and 2 twink feeds!

Boy for Boy doesn't offer any of their own videos, only 6 pic sets - with mostly normal cock guys - and bonus feeds and sites. Half the bonus feeds or more don't work, but the 20 bonus sites all worked and so members do get some videos to enjoy. If you're fairly new to porn surfing, Boy for Boy's 20 bonus sites and the parts of the bonus content that work might keep you busy for hours. For experienced surfers who have probably seen most of these feeds before, I would recommend finding a site more to your taste.

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