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Boy Station is packed with European twinks in solo, duo and group action. You get some cute, smooth, and slender guys in hardcore and solo action. But not every guy is flawless (or even average), and there's a wide variety of looks, so there will be plenty you'll skip on your way to finding your type - unless you like variety. That's expected in real life, but not always ideal when it comes to your porn dollars. But if you're hungry for twinks, there are plenty to pick from here. And where else can you see guys named Vadim, Zoltan and Milu naked and hard besides the downtown Bucharest YMCA locker room. Or your downtown Bucharest motel room, if you're lucky!

The guys make out, suck, finger and fuck (both raw and protected). Twink cum is everywhere. These are genuine twinks (18 to early 20s) in appearance, if not necessarily that spritely attitude. There is a fair amount of racial and ethnic diversity among them. This is basic porn, with a small percentage of fetish and kink, besides the whole twink fetish itself. The tour lets you view free picture samples (no video though) and employs a similar basic, sometimes frustrating, navigation as you get with the full site.

Since our last review 14 months ago, Boy Station has added about 185 DRM-free "Long Form Movies" for a total of over 775. More than a dozen are added each month, and these are full scenes that average 18 minutes each. The videos added since May 2012 are downloadable in WMV format at a pretty crisp 1620x1080. Smaller size Real Player versions are also available; older downloads are in Real format in standard resolution. Which reminds me, breaking news: Real Player still exists! For a site that lists the bonus sites in Comic Sans (world's most overplayed and hideous font), Real Player fits right in. It's the lack of video integration into the browser window that is the bummer.

Lighting is functional not artsy. Sound is a combination of live twink grunts and background music. Camera angles are basic and you won't miss any action - sometimes you might even be a bit too close to it. Hope that cameraperson wore a raincoat. Some videos look fuzzier than their resolution and bitrate would imply, possibly due to content not having originally been filmed at the highest quality.

The site also has over 1,400 video clips (pared down from 2,200 in our last review), each about three minutes long, with 20 clips added each month. These are also available to stream at a maximum of about 952x704 or download DRM-free at maximum size of 1620x1080 WMV. Just like the full scenes, only videos since May 2012 have the HD option. Although difficult to determine due to unhelpful site organization, it's likely a portion of the video clips are segments of the scenes available elsewhere on the site.

There are both indoor and outdoor digital still photosets, about 870+, which is 70 more than our last review - about five photosets are added each month. New pics are about 1024x769, while those dating back to 1999 are understandably smaller, about 550x420. There's a blurry shot here and there, and on average, the indoor shoots are more flatteringly lit, while the outdoor shot quality is highly variable. Tyra Banks would not be happy to see the outdoor models squinting, nor shadows in the wrong places. You'll find ones you like, but expect to do some hunting.

Members get two bonus sites with streaming-only content. Squirtz currently has only 25 videos (each in parts which can hurt your jack off flow), with new videos are added as old ones drop off. Video Boys currently has 180 good quality videos, including some with well-known performers. Both bonus sites include twink models as well as post-twinks. Boy Station has a small text mention of "Benefit for recurring membership - 4 DVDs each month" but no link to details is provided, so that doesn't qualify as a bonus unless they want to explain it.

There are other negatives besides the frustrating main navigation and issues with the actual video quality not matching the stated quality (the savvy downloader will notice file names ending in, for example, 3000kb, when the download link says 8000, and the actual file is 4000kbps and fuzzy). While the site has added what it calls a "Model Search" since our last review, it's not a true search, just a chronological list of head shots. It lacks search filters, tags and categories. It's a given the site is full of twinks, but the site shows a big range of attractiveness and types, making the need for a more robust search.

Also, when you click a name in the Model Search, the link for that model's galleries says "Free Images" and you have to click that to get to the gallery, and its download and slide show options. It feels like an extra step, as the phrase "Free Images" is more typically used in a non-member area of a site. Most problematically, the model links only go to galleries, not to videos.

Another problem is that when the streaming videos open in Real Player, the main area of the website goes white, losing your place. You have to use the sidebar navigation to get back. This would be especially annoying when playing the clips, as you'd have to remember the year and month to find your place.

Joining Boy Staion means unlocking a large volume of diverse twink content, with several videos added and 1 photoset update each week. Boy Station has over 775 DRM-free scenes and over 1,400 short clips, each available for download and streaming. But there are likely some overlaps between scenes and clips and some videos aren't sharp and clear even at high bitrates. The production values are nothing fancy, but if twinks are your thing, and you're okay doing some hunting for the cuties, you'll find some. Over 870 photosets mean thousands of shots for you to download or view. Navigation is basic to nonexistent and can be frustrating. Search isn't a real search, and lacks useful features. Overall the site lacks personality, specifically that fun, light, mischievous twink feel. A lot of the content dates back several years, a testament to the longevity of the website. Luckily capturing a twink on film makes that twink ageless. If you're looking for tons of Euro boys, and don't mind the clunky navigation, Boy Station is worth a visit.

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