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I'm a big fan of BDSM - always have been, always will be. There's never enough of it around, so I always get excited when I get to check out the real deal. Boys Sado Maso definitely has plenty of it to go around, with around 800 videos and 340 photo sets.

I ran into trouble the first few minutes of going into the member's area, however. I'm used to amateur bdsm sites looking permanently stuck in 1998. However, when form gets in the way of function, it gets on my nerves. The content is spread out over a couple of different sections, with no way to just look all the videos on one page and likewise for the photos. The model directory is great, but if you aren't after a specific guy then you have to go month by month. After a few minutes of trying to browse around, I was rather annoyed with how cumbersome it was. If the collection wasn't so large it wouldn't bother me, but given the numbers we're dealing with here if

The 340 photo sets are divided into two sections. The first is in the amateurs area, with most of these photos coming in at 600x800 and average amateur quality. Some, but not all, of these have zip downloads. In the past year or so they have also been adding in average quality vidcaps. The other photo section is Webphotos which is their non exclusive material, and the quality on these are all over the place. This section is a total organizational mess. It starts off easy enough, with several different categories. However, some galleries are series, others are random photos, and the size and quality is all over the place.

The videos also come in the amateurs and Webvideo section. The videos in the Webvideo section are all in Real Media format (bleh) and are fairly low quality across the board. They are also non exclusive. The amateur videos that were posted in the last year have shown a marked improvement over the earlier videos. They started off with 320x240 and 300 kbps and are now putting out their amateur bdsm videos at 640x480 and 850 kbps, and are available in both WMV and RM, along with flash streaming. Although 800 does sound like a ton of videos, they are pretty short - I saw a few five minute videos here and there, with the highest being 11 minutes.

There is also a classics section, but it's kind of odd. Boys Sado Maso has been around for quite some time, so they have years of content sitting in their archives. However, they only have six sets available here and rotate them out. If you want to see the rest they pretty much just make you join their sister site.

The updates come every 2 - 4 days with multiple updates. They have been going at this pace since at least 2005, which is a hell of a long time in porn years. A few nice features at Boys Sado Maso are the model index and the content legend. The first gives you pretty much the easiest way to get around the site. The second shows you icons for what is featured in the video or photo set. Given the many different fetishes they cover, this can be very handy.

If you're a die hard fetishist, you could care less whether you end up pulling out your hair trying to get around the site. The action is hot, there is an absolute ton of leather, rubber, and latex, and although not all of the boys qualify as boys, there are enough to keep me happy. With the quality just going up, and plenty of non and exclusive material, this is worth a look if you are dying to see some real amateur BDSM.

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