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BoyNapped focuses on twinks and more guys in their early twenties being tied up, restrained or handcuffed and used as sex slaves. There's lots of kinky sex and play going on here including bondage, spanking, classic S&M action and ass play, edging and plenty of cock sucking and fucking.

The willing victims and slaves on BoyNapped are twinks and jocks from 18 to their mid-twenties. Most have smooth and slender bodies, and since many of the guys are from the UK, you can expect lots of uncut cocks. There are boy-next-door types as well as some emo boys who are well-known performers in twink porn; you'll also find amateurs and fresh-faced guys new to the gay porn scene. The masters or tormentors are often the same age, but there are a few mature guys in their later twenties who appear in lots of scenes; there's also very dominant daddy Sebastian Kane, who is a grey-haired older man in his forties who's featured in 255 scenes (about a third of the site's 770 scenes) using these twinks for his pleasure.

Each scene opens with a twink already tied up or being dragged into a room and secured, to a St. Andrew's cross, for example, and then the fun begins. What happens next varies. These sex slaves are manhandled and spanked or paddled with a variety of implements; their asses are stretched with all kinds of dildos, butt plugs and other items; then they endure CBT and nipple torture. But there's also sensual touch with fingers, feather dusters and other things, and the guys sometimes have their cocks teased and edged with hands and mouths. Sometimes the "victims" are forced to service the dom's cock, but they also get their own dicks sucked and teased until they're begging to unload their balls; whether they get to or not is up to their master. Most of the action takes place in bedrooms, dungeon playrooms or dirty warehouses.

BoyNapped now offers 770 exclusive DRM-free videos thanks to twice-weekly updates added every Wednesday and Friday. The videos are available in MP4 format, the newer sized at 1920x1080 plus three smaller sizes including a smaller HD size and one for mobiles; the newer vids are good quality, sharp and clear. The older are smaller, offered at 640x360 plus one smaller size for mobiles, and these are fairly good amateur quality. All videos are available to stream in either four sizes (newer) or two (older). Those on older computers may find the largest new videos may be a struggle. Luckily the smaller HD versions look good, enlarge pretty well and are less resource-heavy.

Each episode includes a set of 20 pictures, and these are digital stills. The newer pics are good quality and are sized at around 667x1000; the older are average to fairly good amateur and sized at between 720x405. Each picture set can be saved in zip files or you can save the pics you like individually. While there are no slideshows, you can navigate from pic to pic using the arrows to the right and left of each photo.

Full members get access to 10 bonus sites and a small collection of bonus videos from the same network. Most of the focus is on twinks - twink feet, twinks smoking, twinks pissing, but there are also regular guy types and some porn stars, as well. There are a total of 2,186 videos, and while about half the sites no longer update, there are anywhere from three to five new videos added each week including the BoyNapped videos.

When it comes to issues, there are a few things to discuss. First is the pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership when you join BoyNapped; luckily it's easy to uncheck if you're not interested. Next, the claim of thousands of scenes refers to the network, not this specific site, and while the tour offers full HD videos, only the newer videos are actually offered in HD. There's a large eight-thumb animated banner at the bottom of every page in the network that might look like content if you're fairly new to porn sites.

BoyNapped offers exclusive content, smooth and often cute twinks, hot BDSM sex and twice weekly updates, and since most of the performers are from the UK, you can expect plenty of uncut cocks. With 770 videos to download, stream and play on your mobiles, each with a picture set plus two updates every week, members will have plenty to keep them busy. And when you add in 10 bonus sites (most of them giving you more twinks), I'd say this is a pretty good deal. If you're looking for helpless twinks tormented, punished and sexually molested, BoyNapped is definitely worth checking out.

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