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If you like your men hard and muscled and your sex kinky and a little painful, Bound Muscle is a good place to check out. This site offers everything from bondage and corporal punishment to one of the nastiest interrogation sessions I've ever seen. There's a lot going on here, so let's head into the dungeon.

The men on Bound Muscle range throughout their twenties and thirties with solid, gym-fit or muscular bodies. There were a few players who I didn't recognize, but most are established porn performers like Dirk Caber, Drake Jaden, Ricky Sinz, Chad Brock, Tyler Saint, and Matt Stevens, to name a few.

It's no surprise that a site called Bound Muscle features bondage, but I was impressed with the creative ways used to confined the subs: ropes, duct tape, bungie cords, chains and restraints, suspension, cages and more. There's all kinds of corporal punishment using paddles, riding crops, straps, floggers and whips. Some of the scenes are more about pain and endurance like one bound stud who had increasingly heavier weights hung from his nuts.

There's dick sucking and ass fucking on Bound Muscle, too, but we can see that anywhere. Watching these men exploring all kinds of scene play got me revved up, like one spine chiller called "Interrogation" where military hunk Tyler Saint endures a scary interrogation session. One of his captors, Mulengro, uses a pair of pliers on Saint's fingers, eyebrows and nipples to extract the soldier's name. Ricky Sinz paces behind the prisoner running his nasty mouth and punctuating questions with head slaps. When Mulengro squeezes Saint's earlobe with the pliers, Sinz says, "I'll bet your mother used to pull you around by that ear." Love it!

A lot of the scenes are straight-up dungeon sessions in a dark room with various equipment or sometimes nothing at all. There's a forced workout scene in a gym, frat hazing in a locker room, another scene with men tied up outside and bull whipped and a medical exam scenario, to name but a few.

There are 44 different full sessions in total, and the entire library can be downloaded in MP4 format in several sizes: 360x240, 720x480, 1280x720 and 1920x1080. Newer releases come in all four sizes, older episodes have the three smaller sizes, and the oldest have the two smallest sizes. These are good amateur productions and generally have good picture clarity and sound. All of the videos stream in a player at 940x530, but the older releases aren't crisp - you're better off downloading them for clearer playback.

Each of the 44 series deals with a different scenario like the military interrogation, but they're divided into multiple updates, and there are 312 video updates in total. Tyler Saint's military interrogation spanned 10 updates, and each ends at a natural stopping point like the interrogator switching from squeezing his prisoner's fingers with pliers to fucking his ass with a billy club. Some scenes are broken into fewer than 10 parts, but each seems to last between 10 to 20 minutes. The full sessions run between one and two hours, but there's no full versions available for download.

Each of the 312 scenes also has a gallery of screencaps displaying at 960x500 or 720x480, depending on the age of the episode. You can view them in a slider with forward and backward buttons, but there's no slideshows. There's also no easy way to save the pictures, nor is there a downloadable zip file. I did discover, however, that the pictures can be dragged from the slider into a folder on your computer.

Bound Muscle says that they update once a week, but only the two latest scenes were dated and they confirm a weekly update schedule. But if the site truly does update weekly, does a 10-part video really take 10 weeks to roll out? The videos homepage seems to indicate this is the case and that's a long time if you don't like the scene or the players. We'll try and confirm this with the site and let you know, but thankfully, there are 43 other complete sessions for you to enjoy.

Bound Muscle is one of those sites that's short on features like slideshows and picture zip files, and has a number of nagging issues like full sessions dragging out over a couple of months of updates. But that said, the content is unique and thrilling. The good news is that a monthly membership isn't very expensive. Also on the positive front, all of the performers and key activities like flogging or suspension bondage in the scenes are linked so you can find more of your favorites.

I think overall Bound Muscle is a good BDSM site, and I enjoyed the variety of themes like a prisoner being recaptured and punished, a couple of skinheads roughing each other up, a leather daddy training his insolent boy, or that off-the-charts interrogation scene. The men were generally right up my alley: daddies, muscle hunks and guys with strong, athletic bodies. And many of these rough-playing men were absolutely thrilling to watch. I'd be happier if Bound Muscle rolled the multiple parts out quicker as I think 10 weeks is a bit much. But as I said earlier, the site's unique and well-produced content makes up for any missteps.

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