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Bootlust is one of the most unique sites I've ever come across. Exploring the site owner's boot fetish, his unique videos take us through every twist and turn in his perverted mind. Bootlust says it has 17 years of "all male bootogrphy" and over 12,000 original images and videos. It's a wild and freaky ride, and there's a lot to cover, so let's get started.

From the top, Bootlust is made up of hundreds of "themed collections" that could be movies, galleries or stories. Each collection is a short movie or picture gallery exploring a fantasy like a cop getting measured for his uniform or a new recruit getting his boots inspected by his sergeant. Not every picture collection has a video, although most movies have screencaps, and only some of the stories have either pics or videos.

The men featured in the Bootlust productions are so varied that it's impossible to categorized them. I saw punks and skinheads standing alongside soap-opera hunks and jocks. It's important to understand that each scenario calls for specific types of men like a hunky cop roughing up a punk or an old French inn keeper tying up a Nazi.

For the most part, the men are in decent shape, some with athletic, well-defined or muscular bodies; and there are both smooth and hairy men who are clean shaven or bearded. Some of these men are well-known porn stars, but many are just men who enjoy uniforms and fetish play. I also saw a couple of guys from my own neighborhood and many of the players appear in multiple productions.

These movies usually feature nudity but not always sex. In one video two hillbillies strip a highway patrol man and leave him lying in the dirt. A cop getting measured for his uniform is sucked off by the tailor. Another police recruit submits to a boot exam and jacks off while his sergeant sucks his bare toes. A Nazi POW camp commandant selects new prisoners to jack off for him. (And by the way, this site has the biggest collection men in Nazi uniforms that I've seen.) There are plenty of scenarios where no actual sex occurs, but seeing a bound man stripped out of uniform is titillating nonetheless.

The Bootlust content is not run-of-the-mill productions, and some are quite strange. The site owner has a vivid, creative and sometimes warped imagination. But these amateur productions are well-produced with men wearing authentic costumes and filmed in a variety of locations. Many videos have a narrator introducing the story, sometimes he makes cracks or pokes fun at what's happening. Quite often they sound like cartoon villains, B-movie actors, lounge singers, or that guy in those 1950s VD education movies. Sometimes there's mad violins or Batman-like sound effects, sometimes there's music or nothing at all. Every movie is unique - expect the crazy unexpected.

Tub Time is a good off-beat example. A Nazi officer in 1943 occupied France wants a bath at the local inn. The French inn keeper speaks with a sinister German accent and he's wearing a hoodie, jeans and sneakers. The Nazi in authentic uniform has an American accent. The inn keeper urges the Nazi to check the shower facilities, but you know Nazis and "showers," so he's hesitant. The Frenchman finally knocks the German on the head, strips him and ties him up, and puts him in the bathtub.

Bootlust has six main sections: Passed Out in Uniform (unconscious uniformed men stripped and sometimes played with), Rip and Strip Collection (bondage and confinement), In Boot Heat Archives (collections of pictures and videos dealing with a specific theme), Top Trooper Roster (audition videos), Trooper Foot Inspections (photo galleries of bare feet) and Kinky Boot Stories (25 stories, 6 of them have videos).

It's impossible to tell you how many movies there are because the site is not organized in a way that lets me easily count them. For instance, "In Boot Heat" Archives has 238 "themed collections," but some of those are picture galleries and some are videos. The videos themselves are MP4s that can only be streamed, and they're offered in a variety of sizes from 750x460 for newer productions to 240x180 for the oldest, but you'll find many in the standard size of 640x480, plus other odds and sods. The quality varies, but the vids are usually pretty good with good pictures clarity and sound; a few had pixelation issues.

There are plenty of galleries with myriad picture sizes, some were 495x871 others were 960x540, there's no consistency. Some of the pictures are digital stills, others are screencaps from the movies. You can save pictures individually, but there are no downloadable zip files or slideshows. And the quality ranges from mediocre screencap to very good digital.

Are there drawbacks with Bootlust? The "themed collections" aren't dated, so I have no idea how often the site updates. But the homepage sidebar says "click to check our 15 previous weeks posted all-original videos," so it sounds like they update weekly. And even if they don't, there is so much here that you won't be lacking for anything to watch.

The site's design is very 1999 with garish-colored text on black backgrounds, and with those repeating backgrounds we thought were so cool. The layout and navigation can only be compared to a walk through a carnival fun house. Each "themed collection" usually has movie poster graphic that may lead to a video, gallery or story - you have to click to find out. And there's a "more" button at the bottom of every page. While this wild and crazy style is a reviewer's nightmare, I found it fun, intriguing and exciting clicking through everything - you never know what's around the corner - and I could have spent many hours working through every nook and cranny of Bootlust.

If you're looking for lots of cock-in-ass or cum-spurting action, then Bootlust isn't for you. But if you have a fetish for boots and uniforms, you'll probably like this very unique site. The narrators, performers and set-ups are sometimes cheesy, like porn often is, but on Bootlust the tongue-in-cheek style pokes fun at just about everything. Some of the movies will make you laugh, others will get you cranking your cock, and a few will make you think, "I can't believe they just did that!" And I found these movies like peanuts, once I started watching I found it hard to stop. As a reviewer I often shake my head at the lack of creativity in porn videos, but Bootlust doesn't have that problem. I really enjoyed this wacky, perverted and, at times, damned sexy site.

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