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Body Adonis is a site produced in Berlin that offers muscle fantasy, fetish, and worship sessions. The men aren't porn performers but well-built amateurs. Well, they're amateurs when it comes to porn sites, but many of them aren't just muscle hunks - they're professional bodybuilders. Body Adonis isn't a new site, but we haven't reviewed it before, so let's get started.

The men range throughout their twenties and thirties, and they're not just casual gym studs who workout out a couple of times a week to keep in shape. Most have gorgeous bodies with chiseled muscles, some in eye-popping proportions. At the same time, the site is packed with men who could easily bench press two twinks without a spotter. I found Body Adonis offered a nice variety of muscled men, some nicely proportioned and others huge. Also worth noting is that Germany has a large Turkish population, so expect to find a variety of hair colors and skin tones. Most of the men are devoid of body hair and tattoos, which makes sense if they're at competition level.

The action here is mainly muscle worship, so you'll find men flexing while a pair of hands (male or sometimes female) rubs their carved pecs and bulging biceps. Some of the men are filmed working out and lifting weights. There's not a lot of full nudity, but there is some and I didn't see any sex, not even jerking off, but I didn't watch every single video. There's also some bodybuilding competition footage, mainly backstage stuff where the men are registering and having their measurements taken.

There's quite a lot of fantasy and fetish stuff on Body Adonis. I'll give you a few examples. A hunk in a Speedo has his hands chained over his head and he gently struggles; another stud wearing underwear has his arms restrained by a masked man and the stud twists and turns on the bed. In another scene, a guy in a singlet is tied with rope and gagged with duct tape. Another shows a muscle man walking around in a monk's habit wearing a cross around his neck, then he enters a room and strips by candlelight; in still another scene a hunk is bound and gut punched in the abs, and there's also a muscle man tied to a wooden cross who struggles with his rope bindings.

There are several scenes where these muscle men wear a Batman-like mask and do various things like lift weights, flex and show off their bodies, or struggle with binding ropes. I also saw some men in Spiderman masks and there's a series of videos where hunks sporting Tarzan-style loincloths are bound and left on the ground outside to struggle. But I don't want to leave you with the impressive this is mostly a BDSM site because it's not, there are plenty of videos with muscle hunks showing off their bodies the old fashioned way in studios, home settings, gyms, and outdoors.

There are 1,172 videos on Body Adonis and they're offered to stream on the site. The older releases play at 720x540 and the newest, which are HD videos, play at 960x540. These are amateur productions and usually feature good picture quality and sound, although a few videos weren't very clear at all. The videos aren't offered for download, and a number are too short to be considered full scenes. Body Adonis films in Germany and sometimes the men speak English, but you'll find many speaking German with no subtitles, but honestly, most of the scenes don't feature any dialogue, so it's not a huge issue.

The video presentation at Body Adonis confused me. The "Video Archive" contains the 1,172 videos, but there's a new "HD Videos" section with 384 HD videos that play at 960x540, and there are three other video sections called "Bonus" (60 videos featuring intimate looks at specific men), "Backstage" (27 videos of muscle competition footage), and "Short Clips" (44 videos). I couldn't tell if these bonus sections are included in the "Video Archive" movie total or not, the site itself says they have 1,172, but it looks like they have a lot more.

Now let's talk about issues. The videos aren't dated, so I can't tell you how often the site updates - we'll check back in a few weeks and will edit this review to let you know what we found. The individual videos have no descriptions except for a short titles like Monster Pec Licking, Bearhug a Wrestler, and Captured, and there are no picture galleries, which might have been a plus.

For me the biggest drawbacks with Body Adonis are the shortness of their videos, the lack of any sort of accompanying descriptions or bios, which would go a long way to add some personality to the site, and the confusing way the videos are listed in different sections of the member area. All of the videos are already short, so a section called "Short Clips" doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

If you're into muscle worship and also enjoy a bit of kink like guys in masks, play fighting or bondage, Body Adonis has 1,172 videos (maybe more) to keep you entertained. They are short, but there's still plenty to keep you going during your month-long membership. Body Adonis gets a bit of a mixed review from me because of the shortcomings I just discussed above, but the amateur hunks are sexy and their bodies are wonderful to look at. And finally, Body Adonis gets good marks for the imagination and creativity they put into these videos - you're not going to be left staring at over 1,100 men doing exactly the same thing.

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