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Black BFs Exposed is one of six new sites added in December 2016 to the 429 Videos Network, and from the looks of it we can expect lots of private home videos. I see lots of sexy ebony guys on the tour and heaps of big black cocks on the tour, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they have on offer inside - let's get started, as there's lots to talk about.

The guys on the site are a mixed of black and white guys, and that's because Black BFs Exposed is a part of a 23-site network and it also pulls in videos from their interracial sex site. But if we just look at the black guys, most of them are in good shape with slender to athletic bodies, but there are a fair number of muscle hunks, too. Aside from the gay interracial action, there's lots of videos featuring black guys sucking and fucking and quite a few solo masturbation scenes. Most of the scenes come from professionally filmed DVDs, so there aren't as many amateur scenes here, and these are tend to be solos. You'll recognize quite a few of the men here.

Black BFs Exposed offers 246 videos in MP4 format that come in a variety of sizes. The amateur scenes tend to come in smaller sizes like 312x240 to 480x272 while the professional scenes are larger at 720x480, but there are other sizes, too. Most of the vids are decent amateur quality, but as with homemade videos there are going to be some quality issues. As well, the smaller videos are stretched to fit the streaming player that displays at 640x360, so don't expect great picture quality; in fact, you're better off downloading the videos to watch them in their original size. The larger, professional videos are generally better quality, but I did see some with interlacing issues. Finally, the videos are compatible with mobile devices.

Black BFs Exposed only has three galleries with six to nine pics each, and there are galleries in many of the 24 network sites, as well. There are almost 2,000 picture sets across the whole network, but some of these pics are featured on another black site. The pics are a mix of amateur to good quality quality digital stills and average quality screencaps that come in a variety of sizes. You view the pics in thumbnail galleries with forward and back buttons to help you browse, but there's no hands-free slideshows. You can save the pictures individually or download a zip file of all the pics for each gallery.

So far Black BFs Exposed has been adding a new video every Monday. The entire network updates, too, but tour claims of daily updates aren't met exactly as sometimes there's a day with no updates but on another day there will be two videos added to make up for it. Altogether there are between five and nine network updates added each week. Regardless, there are 6,922 videos offered in all niches across this network.

When logging into Black BFs Exposed you'll find yourself on the network homepage where you can browse the latest videos added across the entire network. Most of the sites are listed on the sidebar and you have to click those links to go to each site's section. Black BFs Exposed takes an extra step of clicking More on the sidebar because it isn't actually listed. When you finally arrive in the Black BFs Exposed section, you're able to sort the videos by most recent, top rated, most viewed or longest.

Are there any issues with Black BFs Exposed? As with many of the sites in this network, what you see on the tour isn't necessarily what you're going to get inside. The site's title implies that we're going to be treated to amateur home videos, and the "exposed" suggests maybe the guys don't even know they're being filmed or uploaded to a website. But the latest seven videos are scenes take from a DVD. The eighth video features Cutler X fucking a white guy in a bathroom, and since he's a porn star, this video probably isn't amateur, either. Finally, the tenth video features a black stud rimming his white boyfriend and is a homemade video. So not all the site's videos are professional, but they're definitely not all amateur or user-submitted.

Then there are two pre-checked offers on the billing page and these appear below the fold, so make sure you check them out and deselect them if you're not interested. Also trial members may get limited access (that's common with a lot of networks, and the terms don't mention it). And the trial membership recurs at $12 more than the cost of the recurring monthly membership. Also there's content cross-over from other sites in the network, meaning that some videos appear on more than one site in the same network, and whatever you see on the tour including the men and the content quality may not be found inside the member area.

I'm giving Black BFs Exposed a very mixed review. This tour seems to have been thrown together as hot and horny window dressing to get you to buy a membership. Granted, you do get access to 246 black and interracial videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles and the site updates weekly. Full members also get access to the 23 network sites and nearly 7,000 videos, but most of these videos don't feature black guys, although there are a few hundred that do. If you're unsure of whether to join or want to get a better idea of the member area, check out the screencaps on this review or try a $1 trial to get an idea of what's inside, but watch those cross sales and make sure you cancel in time if you don't want your trial to rebill.

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