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The Bisexual Trainer is out there and she's waiting to show you how to swing both ways. What we have here is a site from the Femdom Network where sexy girls show men how they should behave, and in this case they take two guys and pitch them together with an instructress who makes sure the guys pleasure each other as much as they pleasure her. Those guys are usually fit and athletic with toned muscles and smooth bodies. There are some good looking Latino guys in their 20s, nicely hung, and playing with good looking women, and there is at least one interracial scene, too.

The action in these videos is mixed. There are some movies that are pure MMF threesome bisexual sessions where two studly dudes get to fuck each other while sucking each other while fucking the babe in the movie, and everyone plays switch-around and has a great time. In these scenes, there's a decent amount of blowjobs and hardcore, and the action is spread evenly through the combinations of guy with guy and guy with girl. Then there are other scenes where the ladies simply sit and talk down to you and literally instruct you on how to ride a cock. They demonstrate with dildos and they tell you what they want you to do. So you have two types of content here: hardcore threesomes and instruction videos from dominating women.

The titles of some of these scenes will give you an idea of the kind of content they have: "My boyfriend is going to fuck you" is pretty self-explanatory, for example, and so is "Today I'm going to teach you how to suck on a dick," as well as others such as "Sissy blowjob instructional tutorial," giving us a bit more of the female domination theme that the network is known for.

Bisexual Trainer has 31 videos in total but has not updated since 2014. Of those 31 videos, nine are threesome bisexual scenes, and the rest are the instructional vids. The videos are offered in MP4 format, the downloadable versions at 1280x720 at good amateur quality and the smaller ones for mobiles; there's also a small 3GP version for those on older mobiles. Each movie is offered as a stream with a choice of "HD" being on or off (hint: on means better quality). The default screen size is only 650x364 but full screen is possible and even with HD off the scenes look fine. The threesomes run for around 20 to 30 minutes each, and the chatty ones around five minutes. BTW, the downloads all have the same file name, so make sure you don't overwrite them by accident.

Oddly the site includes a single picture set. This was a small set of pics, and while quality was better than the screencaps included on the video's page, they didn't show much action and had a HUGE watermark on them. Luckily for those who want to preview the video's action, the screencaps did a good job.

Your membership gives you access to the Femdom Network and there you have access to six other sites. These cover all kinds of female domination subjects such as sissification and strap-on sex, and the bonus site Your Gay Fantasy gives you more straightforward gay sex scenes. Each site works in the same way, with streams and downloads; not all are updating, and there is a tendency to share content between sites, too.

I had a few issues with this site. There are adverts mixed in with the content on the index pages showing misleading, recent, upload dates. You can tell which is which as these adverts have "Online" watermarked on them; they are links to the cam and chat site upsells. There is also a pre-checked offer on the join page to watch out for. Obviously the lack of updates is another problem and so is the small size of the site. A lot of the content is cribbed from other sites in the Femdom Network and you have bonus access to them already. I also found that some of the files were corrupt or even missing and some failed to fully download.

You always try and look on the bright side of life, so I did my best to see the sunshine through the clouds at Bisexual Trainer. On the upside, some of the guys you find in the action movies are hot, and if you want to be talked down to and shown how to sit on a dildo, well, then the instructional videos are going to be of interest. On the downside, the site is small, there's not a lot of bisexual action, the instructional videos are available in other sites in the network, and the big issue is that the site doesn't update. The 31 videos can be downloaded or streamed, and are available for mobiles, and members get access to some bonus sites. But remember that this is one site in a set of seven you get access to that focus on female domination and there's also some gay content, so all is not lost.

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