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Bisexual Newbies offers up horny guys in male/male/female bisexual action. The guys are in their twenties, and most of them are average types ranging from slender to somewhat muscular to a little on the chunky side - I did spot a couple cute or handsome types. Some of the male performers have natural body hair (although none are really furry) and unshaven pubes while others are smooth. The women are attractive but not gorgeous, which sort of works with the guys, and breast sizes vary, although I didn't find any really busty chicks; some have a few extra pounds on them. Some of the models, both men and women, have tattoos, but I didn't see anyone really inked up. There's not a log of dialogue, but the performers seem to be from the U.S. or at least native English speakers.

All the action here is M/M/F threeways. Guys and gals suck cocks (and there are some big dicks here), and both asses and pussies get fucked. This isn't one of those sites where the two male performers try to avoid touching each other - the guys seem to be into guys as much as girls - and I'd be very surprised if any of the performers were a newbie when it comes to bi sex. None of the videos I watched had any build up, most started with someone sucking cock or just about to, although in one video the chick showed off her ass and body in dance moves, and then things get started. One thing worth mentioning here is that the scene descriptions have all sorts of backstory that seem to have nothing to do with the videos at all, which are all pretty much wham-bam-let's-get-right-to-the-sex scenes.

Bisexual Newbies offers members 40 updates, 27 of which are videos and 13 are picture sets. The videos are offered in MP4 format and sized at 1280x720 or 1920x1080 depending on the video plus 2 smaller sizes including one for mobiles plus a 3GP version for older mobiles. There's also streaming versions available, although I'd have preferred that they be offered at higher quality. Overall video quality ranges from low-average to average, and sound is decent for video that's shot with a consumer camcorder.

As mentioned, the site also offers 13 picture sets. These pics are large digital stills, and when I say large, I mean anywhere from 2592x3888 to a whopping 3744x5616, so no matter which set you check out, the pics are going to be larger than your monitor and will scale down to fit in most cases. Quality is good amateur or better, and while the galleries don't have any features like zip files or slideshows, you can download individual pictures to enjoy later.

Bisexual Newbies is part of the Curious Porn Pass network. This network offers 9 sites total, so members to any of the sites get access to 8 bonus sites. These aren't all bisexual sites, however; there's one gay site, a crossdressing site, a straight black cock-worship site, wife sex, chicks boning guys with strap-ons, a tranny sex site and one dedicated to shemales getting it on with straight couples. The network has approximately 352 updates, but there haven't been any network updates since March of 2015.

There are some annoyances, and let's start with my pet peeves. First off, the site no longer updates, and has not added new content since November, 2014. Next, not only are the videos and picture sets are listed as separate updates (probably to make the site seem bigger); they're not marked so you know which is which, so here's a helpful hint - the ones with the larger white watermarks on the thumbs are the videos. The rest of the listed thumbs are actually third-party cam girl links that are shown so they blend in with the content. Even the bonus sites page listed 2 cam girl listings as if they were bonus sites. A helpful hint is if there's a green "ONLINE" on the thumb, it's a cam girl link.

In addition to some more routine complaints - video quality isn't the best and video watermarks are large and intrusive - there's another potential issue that stood out for me: When you enter the site via the age warning page, it opens the tour in a new window. The warning page then changes to another bisexual member site in an attempt to get you to join another site, and you probably won't notice it till you finally close the window that Bisexual Newbies is in. My last complaint is that the videos are much bigger in file size than they need to be. They don't seem to have been shot with high-end equipment, and tried to make up for that by using higher bitrates, which didn't improve the video quality but did make some of the largest videos over 2 gig each.

Bisexual Newbies features guys who love cock and pussy in male/male/female threeways. The videos get right to the action, which means all sorts of sucking, licking, and fucking, and the performers are amateur types who seem really into getting off on camera. There are 27 videos that can be downloaded, streamed and played on most mobiles, each with a set of screencaps, and there are also 13 sets of digital stills. Members also get access to 8 bonus sites in a variety of niches from gay to wife sex, trannies, and guys fucked by chicks wearing strap-ons. None of the sites (including this one) update, but while this site is small, the network offers enough porn to keep you busy for a month or maybe longer.

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