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If you're a fan of muscular, bearded and handsome porn star Billy Santoro, we've got some good news for you - Santoro has launched his own fan site at JustForFans, and he's been updating like mad. Chances are if you're into porn you're already familiar with adult performer Billy Santoro, a very masculine and impressively built man with dark hair, massive pecs and his body is usually hairy. His new fan site is a place to see his personal videos, many hardcore with other guys of all types - it's obvious Santoro loves men, all kinds of men, and you can expect to see plenty of him, mostly in hardcore action with friends or hookups.

The action here is varied and hot. You'll find Billy showing off his body and easing a buddy's dick into a Fleshjack; there's plenty of Santoro sucking his playmates' dicks, fucking from a variety of angles, rimming, fingering ass and more - there's even a bathroom session where someone gets a face full of piss. Some of the videos are shot by a buddy, sometimes there's a couple cameras or phones on tripods, and there are some vids shot vertically on a cell phone, but none I watched are studio shoots - they seem to often be shot in Billy Santoro's apartment using available room light rather than studio lighting, and the action seems a lot more spontaneous.

Billy Santoro's JustForFans account has 85 videos that range from short 26 second clips of him showing off his butt in tight, form-fitting underwear to vids that are over 15 minutes long and including sucking and fucking. The videos are offered in MP4 format and stream in a player sized at 950x534 that can easily be enlarged to full screen. Some videos are good amateur quality, sharp and clear, while others are a bit on the blurry side and don't enlarge too well. As mentioned, some of the videos are shot portrait style on a phone, and at only 534 pixels tall, you'll want to enlarge these unless you're watching on a phone or tablet - then you can just turn it sideways and let those vertical videos fill your screen.

There are also 18 pictures, ten in a gallery and the rest added as standalones. A few of the pics were shot for a studio that Santoro has worked for, and these are good quality and sized at 624x936. The rest of the photos are a mix of selfies and pics shot by buddies, and one pic is a flyer advertising a Saint Patrick's Day event.

Billy Santoro launched his JustForFans account just under two weeks ago, and he's been updating like amad. He's added multiple videos every single day, and while some of the vids are short, some aren't - he's already added over 80 videos that run from a few seconds to over 15 minutes, with lots between two and six minutes.

Now let's talk a little bit about JustForFans. It's like a cross between Twitter and a membership site - in fact, you can add the guys you follow here to your Twitter account. When you find a porn star you want to follow, you pay per month to follow him, but you pay less than the cost of the average member site, and the porn stars themselves operate their accounts. That means they decide what text to write, what videos to upload and how often to upload them. They mostly shoot their own content, too. And if you have several favorite porn stars, you can pay to follow each one.

While there's no tour for each JustForFans account, one isn't really needed as the idea here is that this is a platform for fans to watch their favorite porn stars. That means you already know the name of the performer, and on his JustForFans page, you'll find a small pic and mini bio, and you can also see how much content he's uploaded in the upper right corner. Once you subscribe to follow a performer, you can see the preview thumbs for all the videos, and just click any one to stream it.

There's not much here to complain about. While the videos aren't offered for download, they never are on this kind of site, and streaming was fast and smooth. True, some of the videos could be higher quality, but they're shot in darker rooms on cell phones, so you can't expect miracles - at least many of the videos look good. I do wish that Billy had given us a longer bio or a detailed profile, but at least you can look him up online. And I don't know if some of the content is exclusive or if some of the videos here are available on Santoro's site, Leaked and Loaded, or elsewhere.

Billy Santoro is off to a great start here, adding lots of hardcore action of him sucking dick, getting sucked, fucking and more. These are homemade videos, sometimes shot with a phone or camera on a tripod, sometimes by a friend, but you'll find them more intimate than studio shoots, and they're hot as hell. There are 85 videos to stream on your desktop computer or pretty much any newer device, and Billy himself has been updating every single day since he launched his JustForFans site. If you can't get enough of muscled, bearded and masculine Billy Santoro, you may want to follow him so you get all his new videos as they're added.

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