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Bijou Video is one of the best-known studios from the golden era of gay porn, and this site called Bijou Gay Porn offers members a chance to watch men with natural, unshaven bodies and pubic hair, not to mention more uncut cocks than we generally see today. Most of the men here are more real, with masculine, natural bodies rather than the smooth, perfected physiques so often seen in gay porn today. You'll find some of the best-known gay porn superstars from the 60s, 70s, and 80s including Jack Wrangler, Casey Donovan, Donnie Russo, and Al Parker, as well as lesser-known guys from the same period. And let's not forget the work of some of the directors who made the videos from early porn great: Toby Ross, Jack Deveau, Roger Earl, and Robert Prion, to name just a few.

You'll find all sorts of action here including plenty of sucking, fucking, stroking, and cumshots. Many of the videos are pre-condom classics, so expect plenty of barebacking, and there's a lot of variety. From twinks to leather men, bears and hunks, kissing, group sex, and fisting, and that's just for starters. And the men of yesteryear not only seem to have a lot more fun when they were shooting these movies; they also seem to be much more into the sex and less into worrying about how they look on camera. There's some kink here, too - "Black on Red" focuses on a slave boy surrendering to his Master, and there are titles from the "Slave & Master" series including a DVD called "Fisting Ballet."

Some of the DVDs here are not only hot - they're a walk down Pornland's memory lane. Take 1971's "Confessions of a Male Groupie," which starts with a 21ish cutie saying to the camera "I go to the best parties, smoke the best dope and suck the biggest cocks." Later on, he takes a run down the Sunset Strip before we get into plenty of cock sucking, long-haired men and debauchery. Or how about Casey Donovan in a mullet as one of the cocksuckers in 1987's gloryhole extravaganza, "Sex Toilets"? And with titles like "Butthole Banquet," "Oversize Load," "Bulging Jockstraps," and "Attack of the Amazing Colossal Latino," you know exactly what to expect.

Bijou Gay Porn offers 292 full DVDs. Each title runs from about 45 minutes to over an hour and a half, and you can expect well over 300 hours of watching time. The videos are offered as streaming MP4s sized at 980x720. The quality is what you'd expect from classic videos that were shot on film, which means the oldest ones lack clarity and there's some grain and less sharpness than you'll find from more modern vids, but overall these were pretty good and watching them was satisfying. The videos play back smoothly, sound is decent, and these are the full DVDs, so you can expect credits and uninterrupted viewing. I only wish that the movies were offered for download.

For those who'd rather watch scenes rather than full DVD titles, some of the videos are offered that way. At the top of the pages on the category list, there's an option for "All Films." Click it and you'll see the videos are listed as both DVD titles and scenes, and each listing is dated. Some of the videos seem to only be offered as DVDs, but many are available to watch as scenes in the same size and quality as the full DVD titles.

Many DVDs come with sets of digital stills, and these are production stills shot to make covers with and are sized at 411x600, some with some quality issues due to age and others look pretty good. Every DVD has both the front and back DVD covers, viewable at around 784x1024, which is big enough to read all the text. And most the DVD titles also come with sets of screencaps.

Something I really liked about this site is that every DVD has a full description, list of the stars names, studio imprint, categories and sometimes directors' names, and all of them are linked. That means if you want more of a particular category or star you can easily find it. What's more, three of the categories are the decades the films were made, so if you want more from the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s, all you have to do is click and you're there.

I was happy to see dates on the five most recent updates. There have been five videos added in the past month; most updates were added eight days apart but one was added only four days after the previous update.

Let's talk about the issues. First off, the 8mm videos are listed in the main DVD section and then again in their own section, as if they were separate videos. Also, finding and playing the full DVDs is easy, but sometimes it can be challenging to find the scenes till you figure out the lay of the land. While easy to avoid, there are two large banners for the Bijou DVD store at the top of many pages. Last, the claim of "1000's of Gay Porn Scenes" on the tour is misleading - there are 948 scenes listed.

Bijou Gay Porn delivers classic gay porn from Bijou Videos and lots more classic porn studios. There's a good selection of pre-condom classics and all sorts of action and men - there's interracial, big cocks, Latino, leather men, twinks, and daddies, and that's just for starters. The site offers 292 full DVD titles, which means there's over 300 hours of porn, and the site is updating about four times per month, although updates aren't added exactly once a week. The videos are available to stream, and the descriptions are well worth reading. Bijou Gay Porn offers masculine men, porn stars and twinks from the the very late 1960s through the early 90s (including lots of pre-condom classics), and in my opinion is well worth a look if you're into classic porn.

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