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Whether you like gym-fit guys and jocks with athletic bodies or muscle hunks and bodybuilders, you'll find them at Big Muscle Porn. This theater is a doorway into the Sureflix network, one of the biggest providers of gay pay-per-view porn on the web, and Big Muscle Porn gives you quick and easy access not only to muscle men but every video that's available here, so let's head inside and check things out.

While Big Muscle Porn has a lot of men in all kinds of shapes and sizes, let's clarify what you can expect to find. Like the twinks and bear niches, muscle has a pretty broad definition and BMP classifies many guys in their muscle category that cause me to pause. On their homepage I saw some twenty-something guys with lean and tight bodies, nice to look at, but I wouldn't call them muscle. There are plenty of jocks and studs with gym-fit and athletic bodies, and there are also muscle bears and daddies with strong and masculine bodies with some nice bulk and definition. And finally, there are bodybuilders and pure beefcake, men who look like they spend as much time in the gym as some of us spend on the couch watching TV or porn.

There are more than 240 studios represented on Big Muscle Porn, but of course not all of them feature muscle men. As I mentioned earlier, this is a doorway page to the Sureflix network where you'll find 9,551 DVDs and 42,842 scenes. You'll find lots of well-known studios like Falcon, Titan Men, Lucas Entertainment, Raging Stallion Studios, Sean Cody, Gay Hoopla, William Higgins, and Next Door Studios, all of which feature muscled men. But you'll also find plenty of studios who are squarely in the muscle niche and feature real bodybuilders like Blue Blake, Muscle Hunks, COLT, Mustang, Kristen Bjorn, and others. And there are plenty of smaller producers you may not have heard of before.

And you'll find all kinds of sex from masturbation and blowjobs to rimming and fucking with men doing it in duos, threeways, fourgies and small groups. I found 225 videos set in gyms, 786 with guys wrestling and fucking on the mats, 43 videos with boxers and plenty of scenes in locker rooms and showers. There are 293 scenes in the muscle worship category and 708 under muscle bottoms. There's also lots of kinky action like BDSM, bondage, fisting and spanking. If you like men with well-built bodies getting off, you won't run out of videos to watch anytime soon.

Specifically in the muscle category, Big Muscle Porn has 14,024 scenes from 3,043 DVDs and this theater runs on a pay-per-view model, so you rent DVDs or individual scenes for 24 hours and stream them in a Silverlight player, which is easy enough to install if you don't already have it. You can buy viewing packages for as little as $9.99 or as much as $99.99, and most scenes cost between $3 and $4.50 to rent while DVDs run between $10 to $15.

The videos stream in a pop-up player and sizes vary. One I watched was 394x526 and another was 640x360, but if you click the window's maximize button they enlarged to 1038x780 and 1380x780 respectively. As well, there's a full-screen mode that'll enlarge the videos even more if you have a big enough monitor. But with the videos produced by over 240 different studios you'll have to be open-minded where viewing sizes and quality is concerned. The system auto detects the best speed for your set-up, so if you're not getting the picture quality that you want, check to see if there are better ones available as most videos come in two to five different speeds. There's a feature that allows you to watch the videos at two or five times the normal speed and you can also watch them in slow motion, which is half the normal speed.

The videos don't come with picture galleries, but there are three thumbnails for each that preview the guys and the action. There's also a filmstrip underneath with more thumbnails of the video and this allows you to click ahead to specific parts of the movie. The servers are robust, so fast forwarding and playback is almost instantaneous. One other thing to mention is that there is a stream-to-own option that links a video permanently (with one caveat) to your account and lets you watch it whenever you want.

There are a few drawbacks here. First, when signing up beware of the pre-checked option that allows the site to automatically refill your wallet when you've run out of time - that can get expensive fast as you won't even be aware it's happening. Next, if you haven't made a purchase for six consecutive months, those stream-to-own rentals are disabled, but I'm not sure if this is permanent or just until you fill your wallet again. Clicking the Rent Scene button often only tags the movie to your account, you'll have to go to your history page to actually play the video. And Sureflix adds new videos every day, but they aren't dated, so I can't tell you how many or specifically how often muscle movies are added. And last, there are two pre-checked email offers on the join page.

Big Muscle Porn is a doorway to the Sureflix network which has 42,842 scenes from 9,551 DVDs, and while there are 14,024 tagged in the muscle category, your definition of muscle will have to vary wildly from gym-fit bodies to massive bodybuilders. Still, there are plenty of men with nice bodies getting off here. The site is fairly well organized so you can use category or studio tags or the free-form search to find more of what you want. The videos play well and there are lots of features and options to augment your enjoyment.

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