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Big Cock XXXL focuses on masculine men over 40, and many of these daddies are heavy or hairy (some delightfully hairy) or both. The site says that the men are bisexual and married, and there are some very nice sized cocks here, many of which are uncut with plenty of foreskin, as well as some big, low-hanging balls. A lot of the guys have natural, unshaved bodies, so expect furry chests, asses and some of the men have pubic hair. I also ran into some body piercings and enlarged nipples.

There's a variety of action going on here, including nipple play, dildo penetration, guys jerking their dicks and fucking, mostly bareback. There's some cock pumping, guys wearing cock rings, a double-anal compilation video, group sex and some more raunchy or kinky sex. What you won't see in many of the videos is faces - the vids are shot to protect the performers' identities, which is sort of hot if you're into anonymous sex.

Big Cock XXXL and another site from the same studio, Monster Hole, has had their content sort of folded into Date Dick Live's member areas, but each site has a section to find their own videos from 2013 and before - each newer update is a shared update between all three sites. Big Cock XXXL offers 45 of its own videos, some available only as short clips and others as standalones, although I wouldn't call most of these full scenes as some are short, and the compilations seem more like trailers than their own scenes.

The videos are offered in QuickTime format, the newer ones sized at 640x480 at amateur quality; most of the older vids have been remastered to 640x480 although at lower quality. The older videos are also offered in the original smaller size. The videos are streaming-only with no downloads offered, and many of the older vids have no sound, although the newer ones I watched do have audio. The site doesn't offer true streaming, so you may have to wait for each video to load before you can fast forward.

Big Cock XXXL also offers 16 sets of pics. Some of the sets offer good amateur quality digital stills shown at 426x600, a little small but still okay. The rest are screencaps, the newer shown at 638x400 at decent quality and the older shown larger at 1278x719, but these are poor quality. There are no slideshows or zip files, but you can download individual pics.

As already mentioned, this site now shares a member area and updates with two other sites, but there haven't been many videos listed this year (it's September, btw) on the videos page - there are 4 picture sets and 2 videos listed for 2014... well, sort of. While updates aren't dated, there's a running list on the member home page including picture sets from other sites that seem to be owned by the same company. Since there are no dates, there's truly no way to know how frequently new content is added, but when it comes to the sites' own videos, it doesn't appear to be that often.

All that being said, the content from the two brother sites, Monster Hole and Date Dick Live (not a live cam site, btw), feature the same type of daddies, with lots of men in their forties, fifties and sixties in the same kind of action. In fact, I'd guess they're sometimes the same men, so having access to the other sites' content definitely adds value for members.

When it comes to issues, there are some worth mentioning. Navigation is clunky and can be confusing, and the site looks like it was designed in 1998, which I believe is the case. Some of the older video listings link to secondary pages that then link to the pages with the videos' clips listed on them, and I mention this because they also link to other sites, not all member sites but still they take you away from this site, probably often to the owner's other sites. Some videos are very short and have no sound, and I kept being prompted to log in again when I went to play the videos.

There's one more important navigation issue you'll need to know about. As already mentioned, the site now shares updates with two other sites from the same network - you can only enter the member area via one of the other sites, Date Dick Live. If you try to use the link on the Big Cock XXXL log in page, it won't let you into the site. There's some explanatory text below the non-working link, but I can't imagine why the owner doesn't just relink the member link so it links to the other site's member area rather than putting up a cumbersome explanation.

Here's the thing about Big Cock XXXL. Yes, the site can be confusing, and you won't find high quality full length videos here. What you WILL find is hairy big bodied daddies sporting foreskin into raw, kinky and serious pig sex, and they seem to be really into the sex; I'd be surprised to find that these men are being paid to appear in the videos. The approximately 45 videos are not offered for download, although they are DRM-free. Many of the videos are broken into clips, and although the newer vids are 640x480 and sort of full scenes, the older videos have no sound, and most vids show no faces and are amateur quality at best. While I could go on, the masculine mature men and the raunchy action at Big Cock XXXL and its brother sites are what make this site stand out.

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