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Jayden Grey worked in Pornland for a couple of years back at the end of the last decade and filmed scenes for sites like College Dudes and Badpuppy as well as for big-name studios like Titan Men and Raging Stallion. He's been out of that side of the business for a while and now goes by the name Jared. He runs a feed with the JustForFans network where he appears in videos with his real-life partner, a man called Big C whose real name is Cory. Together Jared and Big C share their private sex sessions with each other and play dates with fuck buddies on their feed, BigCMen, that they launched on March 12 (less than a month ago) and already have 123 videos online, so we've got some catching up to do.

The stars here are Jared (Jayden Grey) and Cory (Big C), who've been a couple for seven years. They got married three years ago and shot some video in Thailand where they spent their honeymoon. Jared is in his late twenties and Cory appears to be in his thirties. The pair of them have smoking hot bodies - lean, ripped and smooth. They're both well hung, but Big C's cock is a little bigger and definitely much fatter – it's quite a handful! Jared is a little shorter and keeps his hair cut short while Cory wears a close-cropped cut that's maybe one clipper guard size up from bald. They have an ocean view home that they share with two French bulldogs.

Jared and Cory make and post videos of themselves jerking off in solos and having sex with each other, but they also film sex sessions they have with play dates, fuck buddies and other known porn performers including Jack Hunter, Trenton Ducati, Jett Rink and Armond Rizzo. Some of the non-porn guys don't show their faces in the videos, although many do. And these men are also fit guys some with athletic bodies but others with nicely muscled physiques. The guys work out, and I gather from the descriptions that they meet many hookups at the gym.

Jared and Cory are fully versatile and fuck each other in their videos; there's lots of blowjob action, and some of the sessions are solo jerks. In one video, Jared blows Big C in the back of the laundromat he owns, and it's a seven minute video where Jared sucks and strokes his lover until he cums. A lot of the videos are in multiple parts; for instance, "My Buddy from Mexico City" features Big C and a Mexican buddy flip-flop fucking in four parts of this long, nearly 90 minute video filmed over a weekend in a hotel. Big C says, "Weekend was a blast, I think I busted 4 or 5 times!"

On camera Cory and Jared have sex lives most of us married folks only dream about. These two will fuck each other at the drop of the hat. They have morning quickies and long, planned romantic sessions, and they go at it in every room of the house. And while there's plenty of sex with other guys, this couple still gets hard for each other and bone every chance they get.

It's not all sex, either. The couple shared a romantic Valentine's Day video where they kiss and give us a view of the ocean from their home, and we also catch a glimpse of those two adorable French bulldogs. Sometimes Cory shares videos where he's showing off the gains he's making in the gym. And there's a four minute collage video of their honeymoon trip to Thailand. They even shot some PG footage using a drone while they were out walking the dogs.

Cory and Jarend have 123 videos on their JustForFans feed, BigCMen, and these stream in MP4 format. On my 26 inch monitor they played at 1230x690, but some of them are smaller, like when they use a cell phone camera and film in portrait orientation. The videos are good quality, but they are amateur productions using stationary cameras set up around wherever they're having sex or using handhelds and cell phones and filming POV (point of view) style. The lighting is usually good and so is the sound, but since these are homemade videos, expect anything.

There are no photos on the site, but each video usually comes with a detailed description about who is in the video, what's happening and where it was filmed. I have to say that so far BigCMen wins the prize for best video descriptions out of all of the JustForFans sites I've reviewed. These aren't book-long descriptions, sometimes they're just a couple of lines, but they really add character to the feed and go a long way to letting us get to know this horny couple.

Now let's talk about updates. The guys seem to be updating anywhere from every day to every four days. They added four videos today and four yesterday including one called "Jared Jerkin The Big C While Driving". There were two videos added the day before that and one the previous day. Many of the videos have a title and date on the opening frame of the scene, and while some of these videos were filmed months ago, the couple is still very active in making and posting new videos. Recently they posted one called "Big C Flips & Middles in 3 Way with 2 Buds" and two days earlier came "No Better Way to Start a Saturday" with the couple fooling around in bed.

I don't have any real complaints or problems with BigCMen. However, the couple only post videos; there are no pictures. I love pictures, so I miss them here, but honestly, there are so many videos how can I complain? However there are a couple of other things I should mention. JustForFans is a streaming only site, so you won't be able to download any of the videos, you can only watch them online. But I found the streaming was top notch and I had no problems viewing them on my desktop or cellphone. And finally, you follow these guys for a month and get access to all of their videos for 30 days and whether you stay connected is up to you, but these memberships do recur monthly.

BigCMen is by far my favorite of all the JustForFans sites I've reviewed so far. Cory and Jared are a horny and very sexually active couple of lovers sharing their sex lives with their fans. Whether they're fucking each other, buddies or other porn stars, there's always a lot of hard-on fun in this house with 123 streaming, mobile-compatible videos and frequent updates. Big C's comments and video descriptions help us stay connected with the couple and what's happening and I'm pretty confident you'll enjoy following this real-life couple and their escapades.

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