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BigStr is a network offering access to three Czech amateur sites - Czech Hunter, Dirty Scout and Debt Dandy. These are gay porn reality sites that offer videos of mostly straight guys having gay sex for cash. It's been a while since we last visited, and in that time the the network has grown and added their third site, Dirty Scout, so let's take a look at what's new at BigStr.

The three Bigstr sites are similar, but they do have their differences. At Czech Hunter, straight guys are convinced to have sex in public in exchange for cash. The further they go, the more money they make. At Debt Dandy, broke guys who need money to pay off their debts are given the money they need in return for letting the Dandy have an hour of naked time to do whatever he wants. The guys have to suck cock, get their asses banged and sometimes do ridiculous and humiliating things in order to pay off their bills. And Dirty Scout is the owner of an employment agency where guys who don't have the agency fee have to service the Scout to get the jobs.

The videos are shot POV style by the Hunter at Czech Hunter and the Dandy at Debt Dandy; at Dirty Scout once the action starts, it's a mix of POV and not. Because the men in control hold the cameras, you won't see their faces, but you do see their juicy uncut cocks. And we do get to see the guys who service them, which makes for some hot POV blowjobs and face fucking, not to mention some great cock-in-hole closeups when it comes the ass plowing sessions, and I particularly like seeing the facial cumshots from the point of view of the Dandy, the Scout or the Hunter. The video set-ups are pretty long, but it's not annoying as it's interesting to see how those straight guys slowly give in and finally agree to have sex for money.

The guys at BigStr are Czech, and most are between 18 and 26 but some are probably just north of 30. You'll find an array of amateurs (although I did see a couple familiar faces) from slender to athletic; some are smooth, some are built and a couple have a few extra pounds on them. Many of the guys are smooth or have very little body hair but some are unshaved. When it comes to looks, expect variety; some of the guys are cute boy-next-door types, others are average - you'll also find both handsome and homely dudes in the mix. The guys speak Czech, but there are subtitles so it's easy to understand what they are saying.

BigStr offers 532 exclusive, DRM-free videos; 287 Czech Hunter videos, 177 from Debt Dandy and 68 from Dirty Scout. Each site updates weekly, which means that there are three fresh scenes to look forward to each week. The videos are offered in MP4 format, and they can be downloaded at a size of 640x360 at fairly decent to good amateur quality; they can also be played on most mobiles. If you prefer to watch the videos online, you can stream them in a player with a default size of 940x520. You can easily enlarge the videos to full screen, although expect some (although not too much) loss in quality. The videos have pretty good sound, although some of the indoor scenes can be a bit on the dim side.

All the Debt Dandy and Dirty Scout episodes and most of the Czech Hunter scenes come with picture sets. These are pretty good quality screencaps sized at 800x533. You can navigate through the pictures by hand or use the hands-free slideshow tool. You can save individual photos by right clicking and saving link as direct from the thumbs, but there are no zip files. I found that the screencaps came in handy, because they allow you to easily preview the action for each video.

BigStr is a very simple and clean site that's a little on the plain side but is very easy to navigate. You won't find any advertisements inside the member area, but at the same time there are no extras or bonuses, either.

This site doesn't have any major issues, but there are a couple things worth mentioning. The claim about HD videos is sort of true, as the streaming videos are sized at the smallest size that could be considered HD, but the downloads are definitely not HD. That's a perfect segue, as I'd love to see downloads in two sizes - the current one and a larger one. Otherwise I like what all three sites in the network have to offer.

BigStr delivers exclusive content from three sites. You'll find horny, mostly straight Czech guys going gay-for-pay, often in public places (Czech Hunter) or sucking cock and more so they can pay their bills (Debt Dandy) or get a job (Dirty Scout). The 532 videos are long (some over an hour), can be downloaded, streamed or watched on most mobiles, and each of the three sites updates once a week. The videos have plenty of set-ups to get you into the action as well as first-timers with uncut cocks sucking their first dicks and taking them up the ass, and the action is interesting from start to finish. The site should appeal to you if love amateur porn shot POV style, reality porn, public sex and foreskin. Personally, I love them all so I had a great time reviewing BigStr.

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