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I don't think I've ever reviewed a bisexual site before - in fact, I haven't seen much straight porn at all. Bi Barracks is an off-shoot of Active Duty, the site where military guys explore guy-on-guy sex, and I have enjoyed watching the guys over there for years. I'm actually looking forward to checking this one out. A friend of mine warned me that porn girls can be noisy, so I've got my ear plugs and I'm going in.

The guys are all 20-something studs with lean and gym-fit bodies, just like you'd expect from a soldier or marine. Quite few of them are inked, but just as many aren't. These guys have appeared over on Active Duty, and I guess doing a Bi Barracks scene is a bonus Dink Flamingo throws these boys after they've taken care of each others' dicks so well. I am happy to report that quite a few of these guys were packing some nice cocks.

I was a little surprised that there's as much gay sex as there is in these scenes. I guess I was expecting sessions with two guys sharing a girl - they do that, and it seems to get them hornier - but there's just as much interaction between the guys. There's actually one fourway among all these threesomes, and I checked that one out. The girl is sitting back on the bed with a guy between her legs eating her pussy and another guy slides in and starts fucking him. She encourages the bottom to "take it, baby" while he's moaning at the ass stretching and mowing down on her snatch. Then the third guy kneels beside her and she swallows his dick. It's a perfect fourway. A lot better than watching two guys standing around wanking and waiting for their turn with the girl.

The other scenes are threeways where the opening moments see two guys very focused on the girl. She takes care of both of their cocks and then she gets help. And there was something sexy about seeing a guy fucking a guy fucking a girl. I didn't ever get the feeling that the guys were just going through the motions while they waited for their turn with the "real thing." These sessions felt natural and fun and quite hot.

There are only 9 videos inside Bi Barracks, and they're offered for download at 320x240 and 640x480. They're good amateur quality with good lighting and sound (and I didn't find the girls were too loud). You can also stream the videos on the site in players matching the same dimensions. There's no DRM, so the videos you download are yours to keep. Each vid comes with a gallery of pictures which are screencaps taken from the video. You can view the pic sets in galleries, as slideshows, or you can download the zip files. The pictures themselves are good quality and there are about 100 in each.

But the big bonus is that Bi Barracks members get access to over 500 more videos on Active Duty. You won't find any bisexual scenes over there, but there are lots and lots of guys getting off together.

Bi Barracks doesn't update - it looks like it was a one-off project - which is too bad because in spite of not really being into watching straight sex, I did think these scenes were quite hot, so any negatives about the site would be nit picking. It is worth mentioning that when you go to join this site, you are taken to the Active Duty join page, so the claims on the join page have literally nothing to do with this site. Also for me the site name, Bi Barracks, conjures up images of male and female soldiers getting dirty in the barracks, but that's not happening here nor did I expect it. I think the alliteration of Bi Barracks grabbed hold of someone at Active Duty who needed a project. And who knows, maybe they will resurrect it and do some more filming. At any rate, you're getting access to a huge library of video.

All right - so I made it through, boys! I have watched guys fucking girls while getting their own asses stuffed, and my head didn't explode. But honestly, and all joking aside, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with Bi Barracks. The scenes were fun and there was lots of hot chemistry between the guys and girls. I'll leave you with one of my favorite moments: While one guy is fucking a girl doggy style, his buddy looks over his shoulder, resting his chin there and watching for a few seconds, then he says, "Man, I wish you were fucking my ass like that!" And the fucker says, "Oh yeah?" And off they go. Fun.

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