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Best Feet Boys features Euro amateurs in a mix of gay sex, dominance and foot fetish action, along with some foot focused solos. The guys themselves appear to be middle or eastern European, ranging from average to cute. Builds vary, as well, from again average to more athletic but not gym-built bodies; for the most part, these are the kind of guys you might see anywhere, and they're a pretty nice looking bunch overall, most in the college-age group.

In some of the videos, the action focuses on feet, while in others, there seems to be a focus on some dominance or bullying. There are guys forced to do pushups, as many as they can, and in a couple videos, the sub must carry the dom piggyback, do situps and carry him again. In one of those sessions, as almost an afterthought, there's some foot worship at the end of that video. There are other vids where foot worship is definitely center-stage. In one of what seems to be the older videos, a guy named Brad tells us his shoe size, then slowly removes his shoes, peels off his socks, and ends up in his underwear and bare foot before he takes those off, too, then playing with his cock and feet before shooting his load on one of his feet.

Best Feet Boys currently offers 20 videos and 40 picture sets, 12 of which are guy/guy and the rest are solo. There are no dates on the content, and while there's a huge list of content the site says was new this week, we sent an email and was told that this site adds a new full scene every week. Now let's talk about the movies.

The videos are DRM-free, and are offered in WMV format, some in one size and quality and others in two. What seems to be the oldest videos are sized at 640x480 at amateur quality, and other vids are sized at 1440x1088 at fairly good amateur quality plus a smaller size. Some videos are available as full scenes, others as clips and some as both but in separate listings. Most of the videos are available in a small streaming player, although not all. And that leads me to one very annoying feature. The streaming version of the video flashes very distractingly if you don't play it right away, and keeps on flashing till you do. You can see an example of that on the join page, btw.

The 40 Best Feet Boys picture sets are mostly digital stills sized at 1024x768 at good amateur quality, although there are a few sets with pics sized at 800x600. Some sets show off the action better than others, but all seem to be taken during the video shoots, and do a pretty good job of showing off the guys and their feet. There are no slideshows or zip files, nor can you navigate from picture to picture, but the pics can be individually downloaded for later.

I did have some complaints about this site. First, as already mentioned, there are no dates on the updates, so while they apparently update weekly, we don't know how regular updates are. Next, the entire site is offered in frames (it's like 1999 all over again), and many pages open in new browser windows. Speaking of navigation issues, there are only 5 videos listing on the "Movies" page, yet there are 15 listed on the main page. There are no scene descriptions nor is any info given about the models, and I wish the smaller versions were in MP4 format so they'd have played on my tablet or in my mobiles.

My last issue regards the claims on the site's tour. The join page promises daily updates and hundreds of movies, which is only true if you count the clips separately. They also promise premium quality, and while there's no clear definition, I think it's fair to say these videos aren't it.

Best Feet Boys delivers amateur European guys in their early twenties, some average and others very cute. The action is a mix, so you'll find male masturbation (often with foot play), domination and some other play including shoe and foot worship and tickling. There are 20 downloadable videos, most also available to stream, and 40 picture sets, and we're told the site updates once a week. Whether you'll like this site depends on whether you're into amateur content, foot and dom play and college-age Euro guys. If you are, Best Feet Boys is worth a look, and the tour can give you an idea of the kind of guys you'll find in the member area.

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