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Bert's Boys features Bert, a man with a camera who finds amateur twinks in locations around the world and convinces each one to suck him and get fucked on video POV-style. These are first-timers, but they're obviously no stranger to dick, although one guy - a Laotian named Ball - claimed to be a virgin. Bert gets the guys back to his hotel room, grabs a video camera and then the fun begins as the guy in each scene sucks his cock, which is uncut, before he fucks them - sometimes bareback. Sometimes a dildo gets used, sometimes there's some rimming or a handjob.

Since this is a POV site, we never see Bert's face - he's the one with the camera, after all. We do see his hairy belly and his cock, though. Three of the guys Bert hooks up with are Asian, and two of them - Ball and Non - are super cute, too. There's also a slender African black guy with a big dick and a great ass. All the guys are smooth and very slender, and they're probably between 19 and 23 years old; I'm guessing that Bert is a little older.

Bert's Boys currently offers 8 videos updates, each of which is half of a full scene. The videos are DRM-free, downloadable, and are offered in MP4 format. The vids are decent quality, and are sized at 1920x1080 plus 1 or 2 smaller sizes that can be used with most newer mobiles. Half of the videos are also available in WMV at 720x1280, and these are sharper and clearer than the larger versions; in fact, I'd suggest the medium-sized MP4s, which are the same size as the WMVs, and are also sharper than the full HD versions. Each video can also be streamed.

While this site is small, members get access to 22 bonus sites and a collection of feeds. And the bonus sites come in a variety of niches; several of the sites feature amateur twinks in first-time videos or barebacking, fucking or jerking off. Good news is that the network adds over 25 videos each week.

Unfortunately Bert's Boys is not updating at this time, and from what I hear, Bert is unsure if he wants to continue with the site. We'll check back in a month or two and let you know whether the site is adding new content or not. And that leads me to another issue. You see, there are episodes previewed on the tour of the site that aren't offered in the member area. Hopefully someone will edit and encode these other episodes and put them up in the member area for our prurient entertainment. And honestly, my biggest issue here is that the site is very small. The site offers a little over 2 hours of video total, as each update is between 16 and 24 minutes long.

Bert's Boys is a small site that features Bert traveling the world finding new amateur twinks to fuck while he holds the camera. These POV videos are hot if you like reality porn and amateurs, and the site has 4 full scenes, each broken into 2 updates. While that's not a lot of content, members do get access to plenty of real amateur porn in the bonus sites and some of the feeds, and apparently while the site is not currently updating, there's a chance that the updates may start up again in the future. In the meantime, members get access to a large gay porn network so they'll have plenty to watch after they've watched all 8 of the Bert's Boys updates.

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